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Excelera (IFSA Group's Company) Announces Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd. as New Distributor Partner



Barcelona, Spain - 2 March 2017- Excelera (former Technology Assistance BCNA 2010, S. L.) is pleased to announce that it has recently appointed Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd. as a distributor of the company's Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converters (UFDC) and Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface (USTI) Series of Integrated Circuits (ICs) in Asia. The territory covered by Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd. includes China and Taiwan.


Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 as a professional electronic components distributor. It has a strong technical team, which can provide integrated solutions. They represent many brands, have a broad scope of business and for more than 19 years have built up a solid technical team providing technical pre-sales and after-sales customer services in and around the Greater China region. Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd. distributes semiconductor sensors, interfacing circuits, wireless and GPS modules, touch key ICs, etc.


“With Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd. as our distributor, we increase our presence in one of the major semiconductor manufacturing areas of the world” said Sergey Yurish, Co-founder and CTO of Excelera. “Our goal is to continuously improve our customers’ experience in every aspect. Expanding our network of sales and support personnel and being in close proximity to where our customers are is a key initiative towards achieving that. Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd. strong sales team, extensive electronic experience and complementary product offerings are a perfect fit with our efforts in this region," commented Mr. Yurish, "This relationship is a key step in the global expansion of our business".


Excelera's technologies and components let to simplify the complexity of existing digital output sensors and smart sensor systems, reduce costs, power consumption and development time, improve accuracy and speed, and enable system miniaturization at the nanoelectronic scale below 100 nm and less.



About Excelera


Since its founding in 2010, Excelera, S.L. (former Technology Assistance BCNA 2010, S. L.) has continued to design and manufacture novel integrated circuits and sensor systems solutions based on precision measurements of frequency-time parameters of signals, and offering a new generation of smart technologies with best-in-classes features.


The company has been awarded by the Best Sensors Products Awards 2010-2012 from the Sensors & Transducers magazine for introduction on the European market the UFDC-1, UFDC-1M-16, USTI and USTI-EXT integrated circuits, and nominated for the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award in the sensors market for the strategic development of the Universal Sensors & Transducers Interface (USTI) IC in 2011.


One of Excelera's main objectives of is to promote a new generation of cost effective smart sensor integration technologies and to establish our digital measuring technology as an alternative to common analog and mixed solutions.





Excelera (IFSA Group's Company)


Parc UPC-PMT, Edifici RDIT-K2M

c/ Esteve Terradas, 1

08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Tel.: +34 696067716

E-mail: ifsa@sensorsportal.com



Shoky Electronics Co., Ltd.


Taiwan, 6G05, No.5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei
Tel.: 886-2-2720-8045
Fax: 886-2-2758-5431
E-mail: sales@shoky.com.tw

Shenzhen Office:
Shenzhen Longhua New District Baohua Road 173, tide back to the floor 308 room
Contact: Mr. Wu
Tel.: 0755-84715679 84715883
Fax: 0755-84715078
E-mail: sales@shoky.cn

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