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Series PT500 Beam Load Cells with Built-in Analog and Digital Electronics


Manufacturers of industrial machines and weighing systems often need to measure forces and weight with low profile load cells that are easy to mechanically fix. DS Europe to satisfy these needs is proposing series PT500 strain gauge load cells with optional built-in electronics that allow an high resolution and a simple cabling with cost reductions during the machine assembling.

  • Measuring ranges: 0 to 100-300- 500Kg

  • Accuracy: 0,05% FS

  • Analog outputs: 2mV/V tip., 5V, 10V e 4-20mA (2 fili).

  • Digital outputs: RS485, RS422 (protocolli Modbus, DSEnet), CAN profilo DS406

Optional analog and digital electronics being inside the load cell is electrically shielded, it avoids expensive external electronic junction boxes and is precalibrated at DS Europe test bench. Digital electronics is optimal for machines with many weighing stations because it allows to connect, with a simple cabling, many load cells to a single digital com port of PLC therefore avoiding expensive analog input cards. Digital electronics allows to measure small weight variations because of its 24bit max. A/D converter that allows also to measure fast weight variations with up to 1920Hz sampling rate. CAN data transmission allow also to transmit alarm levels and error messages.


Typical applications: automation. Weighing systems, textile machines, dosing with hoppers and tanks, machine tools, marble machines, tiles machines, packaging machines, vehicles, agriculture machines etc.





DS Europe S.r.L.

Via F. Russoli 6

20143, Italy, Milano

Tel.: 0039 02 8910142, fax: 0039 02 89124848

E-mail: dseurope@dseurope.com

PT500 Beam Load Cells





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