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MTS Sensors Measure Stroke in Machine Fixture
Set-Up Clamps


CARY, N.C (January 5, 2007) - MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division Temposonics® C-Series sensors are currently being embedded into actuators of automatic fixture set-up clamps to provide confirmation that the clamp is in position prior to machining, welding or other fabrication operations. Providing accurate measurement of stroke, an embedded C-Series continuous position sensor located inside the electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator of the clamp ensures that a variety of parts can be clamped down in the proper position without sensor readjustment.


“The C-Series sensor is ideal for cylinder applications like set-up clamps because it is small and fits inside most encasings, and it provides accurate and continuous measurement based on magnetostrictive technology,” said Jesse Russell, commercial products marketing manager for MTS. “The C-Series sensor is a durable, inexpensive sensor that can be easily adapted into a variety of tools, small machines and portable equipment applications.”


The C-Series sensor suits an array of automatic clamps, including ones with high clamping forces, as well as retracting and latch bench clamps. The C-Series Core sensor is available with a 0V to 5Vdc or PWM output, and can be powered with a standard 5Vdc power supply. In addition, the modular architecture allows the addition of a second electronics board that configures the sensor to operate using 12V power and also adds additional protection circuitry for higher EMI immunity.


For more information about C-Series sensors, contact Jesse Russell, MTS Sensors Division, at 919-677-2314, jesse.russell@mts.com or via the Web at www.mtssensors.com





Jesse Russell,

Commercial Products Marketing Manager

MTS Sensors Corporation,

3001 Sheldon Drive

Cary. NC 27513

Tel.: 919-677-0100, fax: 919-667-0200

E-mail: jesse.russell@mts.com

C-Series sensors





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