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inGen Linear Direct Sensor Technology


INPROX Sensors, a Boston, Massachusetts based sensor technology company, is proud to announce its square wave output, digital sensor technology platform, inGen Linear Direct™, ready for custom development and license in critical OEM applications for automotive, aerospace, medical device and appliance markets.


inGen, is a revolutionary, low cost patented technology suite of continuous output, harsh duty, non contact, precision sensors. These digital sensors run on an innovative, proprietary IC capable of interfacing directly with microprocessors without the need of any signal conditioning; internally or externally. Offering new capabilities in the areas of position, speed, temperature and pressure, inGen sensors utilize a specially tuned oscillator, which in turn produces a ‘frequency of oscillation’; an output in the form of a square wave that is read as a pulse train by digital microprocessors.


Direct digital sensing with its micron resolution precision measurement (on both ferrous and non-ferrous targets) and error free communication capabilities has shown itself capable of providing highly compartmentalized output ranges over multiplexed channels.  Programmable frequency groups, such as; temperature and position on the same carrier signal enable multiple sensor outputs on the same signal.


Readily adaptable to digital control equipment, inGen improves the reliability of systems and reduces sensitivity to electrical noise, temperature drift and variations on the ground bus. Direct digital technology in fact produces higher precision sensing resolution, better dynamic response; greater linearity, durability, longer mean time before failure, lower hysterisis, higher stability, more immunity to interference, an easier process of transmission and extended capabilities for multiplexed signals.


Another benefit inGen technology can offer, is the ability to transcend temperature barriers in measurement applications. This technology developed in part for extreme environments can operate in -110C – 450C (surviving up to 650C) for standard products – specialized product groups, such as in the case of CFLD (Captive Field Linear Direct) sensors (a miniaturized LVDT replacement technology) offer -110 to +640C operating temperatures.





Derek Weber

VP Sales

INPROX Sensors

28 State Street Ste.1100

Boston, MA 02109

Tel.: +617-573-5158, fax: +617-507-2665

E-mail: dweber@inproxsensors.com



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