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Inclination Sensors for Particularly Tough Environments


The automotive industry has traditionally been the leading utilizer of sensor technology. Especially low-g sensors are used to detect small movements and "skid" of the car as part of the electronic stability systems (ESC). The requirements on the sensor are extremely though. The sensor must tolerate shocks, vibration and dirt while delivering full performance in a temperature range of -40...+125C over a minimum life time of 15-20 years.


Most applications outside of the automotive industry appreciate the reliability of automotive grade sensors. By using high-accuracy instrumentation-grade calibration and temperature compensation, premium performance grade sensors can be achieved using the automotive grade sensors as "building blocks".


VTI Technologies is the leading supplier of low-g accelerometers for the automotive market. VTI delivers volumes of more than 25 million sensor elements yearly. VTI's T-series inclination sensors have been designed for particularly tough environments. By using automotive industry qualified parts, but improving the specification on temperature ranges from -25 to +85C, a family of real high performance inclinometers has been introduced.


The SCA61T, SCA100T and SCA103T offer a unique combination of high performance and robustness at affordable prices. The highest accuracy is available with the SCA103T series that uses a differential measurement principle to compensate for all common mode error and noise effects. With the SCA103T a resolution of 0.001 degrees and a long term stability of less than 0.004 degrees can be achieved with an off-the-shelf inclination sensor.


The robust sensing element design with overdamped frequency response of the T-series enables reliable and accurate measurement results even in harsh environments. The best shock durability of the MEMS market provides trouble-free measurements in moving machines, vehicles, airplanes, construction equipment and handheld devices.





Tiina Olkkonen

Vice President

Corporate Communications

VTI Technologies Oy,

Tel. +358 40 827 8844,

E-mail: tiina.olkkonen@vti.fi

T-series inclination sensor

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