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New Electrically Adjustable Resistor Family


Microbridge Technologies, Inc., has announced the availability of a new family of low power, Low TC re-adjustable resistors designed to compensate and calibrate precision analog circuits. Microbridge demonstrated how to calibrate Rejustors in high volume applications at the Sensors Expo & Conference, in Rosemont, IL.


Microbridge has previously shown its capability to calibrate individual electronic devices such as voltage references, sensors or circuits needing adjustments with passive, electrically adjustable resistors. Today's demonstration will emphasize how to calibrate devices and circuits for mass production. The new Rejustors can be used with off-the-shelf National Instruments hardware (NI-cDAQ 9172) to calibrate a wide range of circuits in parallel.


"There are numerous solutions on the market to improve accuracy and precision of analog circuits," said Bob Frostholm, vice president, Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Microbridge. "Each existing solution has some set of drawbacks that Rejustors can alleviate such as limited temperature range, limited maximum frequency of operation, requiring power, requiring a laser, and more. Rejustors offer high temperature operation to 125C or higher, high frequency operation in excess of 2 GHz, requires no power to operate in circuit, has no wiper resistance, and is adjustable to precision levels 0.1% or better."





Microbridge Rejustors have a wide variety of applications. They are suitable for precision analog compensation in military, aerospace and satellite applications. Automotive applications range from optical systems to engine sensors and tire-pressure monitor. As a sealed device, the Rejustor is well suited for operation in harsh and demanding environments. Industrial applications range from simple calibration of power supplies to calibration of sensors of many kinds including photo transistors, pressure sensors and magnetic proximity sensors. Consumer applications include LCD screen adjustments and timing devices. In medical & science, Microbridge calibration techniques are ideal for use in catheter applications. In Semiconductors, Microbridge's CMOS based technology enables integration of Rejustor calibration and compensation devices for designs that require better precision than fuses, digital potentiometers or laser trimming can achieve.



Pricing & Availability


The new devices are available off the shelf through Microbridge's worldwide distributor, Future Electronics. All members of the Low Power family are priced at $0.99 at 1,000 piece quantities. Each QFN package contains two Rejustor elements (R1, R2) making it easier to implement divider networks where the TC of the two resistors must be equally matched.


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About Rejustors


Rejustors are passive resistors made from the same Polysilicon materials used in high volume CMOS IC processing. They are easily set to their desired resistance value using the same simple calibration hardware and software algorithms as Microbridge's Low TC Rejustors to provide easy calibration of analog circuits.


A perfect application for Rejustors is in Wheatstone Bridges. These bridge elements are prone to being unbalanced by factors other than the desired sensor response. Having the ability to calibrate each resistor to a very precise ohmic value makes it easy to match the divider midpoints. And if the TCRs of the four resistances are matched as well, as is the case of Rejustors, there can be a substantial improvement in accuracy over temperature variation.


The devices are also well suited for replacing manual trim-pots, digital pots, and hand selected precision resistors in precision applications. Unlike digital pots, Rejustors offer further advantages in applications requiring high temperature and high frequency operations. Digital pots are typically specified to only 70C or 85C. Rejustors operate easily to 125C and beyond, allowing applications in mil/aero designs. Digital pots are often limited to applications where operating frequencies are well under 1MHz. Due to the inherent physical design of the Rejustor, they are well suited for high frequency operations that can easily exceed 1 GHz.



Bob Frostholm

Vice President

Marketing, Strategic Alliances & Business Development

Microbridge Technologies,

Tel.: 1-888-735-8786

E-mail: info@mbridgetech.com



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