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Signal Conditioning Platform (SCP) pmax Measuring and Monitoring Module Type 5269



For continuous monitoring and measurement of the cylinder peak pressure pmax in diesel and gasoline engines, the new 2-channel pmax measuring module, Type 5269, offers an ideal expansion unit for the universal signal conditioning platform (SCP).


The SCP charge amplifier, Type 5064A, supplies the pmax module, Type 5269, with a voltage proportional to the cylinder pressure. When a defined threshold is reached a warning or a digital emergency stop signal is generated. At the same time the amplifier supplies an output voltage that is proportional to the maximum cylinder pressure of the last cycle. This signal is easily acquired using the usual analog inputs of the test stand measuring system.


The pmax module is ideally suitable for monitoring and measuring continuous operation. It can be used to replace high-performance pressure indication systems in many cases. Signal interference, such as pipe oscillations, for example, can be suppressed effectively by an efficient input filter.






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Signal Conditioning module 5269




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