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SCA3000 Series - New 3-axis Accelerometers Breakthrough Performance Barriers



VTI's SCA3000 family of 3-axis accelerometers sets new standards in sensing technology. The SCA3000 family is aimed at offering OEMs a rich functionality through a combination of low power consumption, higher performance and less software effort during integration into equipment.


SCA3000-D01 and D02 products have been developed with high performance re-chargeable battery operated equipment in mind. Applications include motion activated functions in mobile terminals and anti-theft systems, inertial navigation and inclination sensing in digital inclinometers.


SCA3000-E01, E02, E04 and E05, are extremely low current products. All these sensors have been developed with hand held and wrist held devices that are primary battery operated. Some potential applications include pedometers and activity monitors in sports activities, gaming input devices and tilt compensation in electronic compasses.



Product family features

  • Equal performance in all axis (XYZ)

  • 2.35 V - 3.6 V supply voltage, 1.7 - 3.6 V digital I/O voltage

  • Selectable frequency response

  • 64 samples/axis buffer memory for output acceleration data and advanced features enable significant power and resource savings at system level

  • Interrupt signal triggered by motion and free fall

  • Size 7x7x1.8 mm

  • High shock durability

  • RoHS compliant / lead free soldering






Scott Smyser

Vice President & General Manager,

VTI Technologies

Tel.: +1 626 463 7025

E-mail: scott.smyser@vtitechnologies.com

3-axies accelerometers SCA3000





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