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ZMD21013 Multi-Sensor Interface Circuit Puts Precision, Low Power Consumption at Top of Product's Sophisticated Architecture


ZMD AG - Sensors Expo Rosemont, IL, USA, 9-11 June 2008 - has demonstrated analog-to-digital converters and signal conditioning devices at the Sensors Expo 2008. The Multi-Sensor Interface Circuit  (MUSic) series offer multi-channel and multi-use sensor interfaces for microcontroller-based systems. Known for very high precision and ultra low power, these ICs are ideal for wearable medical instruments; sports and activity monitors that incorporate altimeters, barometers, navigation, and other tools; and industrial systems executing multiple sensor-based measurements such as flowmonitors or scales.


The first device in the MUSic family, the ZMD21013, is a highly integrated smart-power architecture that offers programmable interfaces for up to three resistive bridge sensors. Through its high integration and its ultra-low-power standby-mode, the IC can reduce the average overall bill of materials as well as the overall power consumption of any multisensor-based system. The ZMD21013 connects through a SPI interface to a microcontroller or a digital signal processor (DSP).


The ZMD21013 application-specific standard product (ASSP) contains an on-chip clock generator and a 16x8bit EEPROM to store non-volatile configuration data, calibration coefficients, and an optional user-programmable identification. An SPI-compatible serial interface connects the ZMD21013 to the customerís specific external microcontroller or digital signal processor. The ZMD21013 can be ordered for consumer (0 degrees C to +70 degrees C) as well as for industrial temperature ranges (-25 degrees C to +85 degrees C).


Suited for a variety of markets and applications, the ZMD21013 is an essential enabler for a myriad of consumer, medical and industrial products requiring multiple sensors. Sample devices benefiting from the MUSic family include wearable monitors for assessing blood pressure, glucose, heart rate levels; consumer devices utilizing altimeters, barometers and navigation functions; and industrial instruments like scales and flow and pressure monitors. Other ideal applications include products where highest precision and lowest power consumption are essential qualities.





Gabriele Taschler,

Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG

Grenzstrasse 28

01109 Dresden, Germany

Tel.: +49 351 8822 668

E-mail: Gabriele.Taschler@zmd.de

ZMD21013 Multi-Sensor Iinterface Circuit






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