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Millennial Net Introduces MeshScape 5, Its Fifth Generation Wireless Mesh Sensor Networking System



Burlington, MA – June 10, 2008 – Millennial Net advances the frontier of wireless sensor network technology by introducing its fifth generation MeshScape 5 technology at Sensor-2008 EXPO. “Wireless sensor network applications are gaining momentum as the technology matures and user acceptance builds on successful deployments and demonstrated performance in real world environments”, said Martin Hanssmann, CEO Millennial Net.


The MeshScape® 5 uses patent pending virtually-on frequency hopping technology. It also uses patented Persistent Dynamic Routing (PDR) techniques to form a self-configuring, wireless mesh network. PDR uses a node-initiated network formation for efficient topology discovery, and uses "best route" information for network re-formation (required in ever-changing RF environments). MeshScape networking utilizes standard IEEE 802.15.4 unlicensed radio band.


The MeshScape® 5 wireless sensor network protocol is intended for use in commercial and industrial applications. It is ideally suited for monitoring and control applications such as building automation, energy management, environmental monitoring, factory automation, healthcare and wellness monitoring and process automation. Initial devices to run on MeshScape 5 will be released beginning in the second half of 2008. Millennial Net will continue to market and support MeshScape 4 and recently announced an expansion of energy management products on that technology. End-users and interested OEMs should contact Millennial Net for more information.


MeshScape 5 is an optimized industrial-class wireless mesh network. It is optimized for more robust interference resistance, higher scalability in real world environments and lower power operation. Innovations over MeshScape 4 include:

  • Virtually-On technology to enable mesh nodes to run at low power for battery operations over several years;

  • Active Frequency Hopping to avoid potential interferences for robust operation in highly noisy environments;

  • Low Latency capability to reduce the end–to-end packet delivery time to below seconds within a multi-hop environment, even with battery operated mesh node;

  • Highly Scalable Dynamic Addressing to ease installation and commissioning for large and complex networks

Millennial Net 5524 product family provides an embedded platform to minimize time to market for OEMs and enables a broader range of applications. It provides common hardware platform for MeshScape 5 devices and standards-based devices. While Meshscape 5 advances the frontier of wireless sensor network technology, Millennial Net recognizes and supports standards such as WirelessHART™ and the emerging ISA100.11a as important developments in the industrial market. Whether adopting an industry standard or looking to leverage Millennial Net’s MeshScape® technology, Millennial Net provides OEMs services and development tools from concept through commercialization.


In contrast to other industrial-class wireless sensor networks, Meshscape 5 enables lower latency industrial applications, suitable for certain control applications in both process and discrete industrial environments, as well as for building automation and energy management. MeshScape is a distributed network which responses quickly to dynamic environments, such as mobile devices and radio interference. MeshScape is a homogeneous TDMA/CSMA protocol which dynamically adapts without human intervention. The tradeoff of TDMA and CSMA protocols has a bearing on the network performance in multiple interdependent aspects of the network such as latency, power consumption.





Mark Hanna,

VP-Sales Millennial Net

Tel.: 781-222-1030

E-mail: mhanna@millennialnet.com


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