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Optical Encoders Offers Exceptional Performance



A world leader in metrology systems, Renishaw presents its advanced range of positioning solutions at Sensors Expo 2012. Specified by leading OEMs around the world, Renishaw encoders enable superior process control, even down to nanometer and picometer levels.


The Sensors Expo show booth focuses on Renishaw's range of position feedback solutions, including the RoLin™ non-contact magnetic encoder system designed for embedded miniature motion control in high-volume applications, the RESOLUTE™ true, absolute optical encoder system and the FASTRACK™ linear encoder track scale.


Renishaw's advanced technologies deliver positioning precision across a full spectrum of motion applications from semiconductor micro-manufacturing requirements to massive aerospace machining and assembly systems.


At Sensors Expo, Renishaw will show a full range of encoder solutions. RoLin is designed for applications in a wide range of industry sectors including semiconductor, science/medical, military/aerospace, and industrial automation. Designed for both linear and rotary incremental position feedback, the system consists of an RLM readhead and either a magnetic scale (MS) or magnetic ring (MR) with a pole length of 2 mm, for axial or radial readings.


RESOLUTE is a true absolute optical encoder system with a market-leading resolution of just 1 nanometer at 100 meters per second for both linear and angle encoder applications. FASTRACK is a revolutionary track-mounted linear encoder system that combines ±5 µm/m accuracy, with the ruggedness of stainless steel and the quick and easy installation of a carrier-type encoder system. Two miniature guide rails securely retain the new low-profile scales and allow them to freely expand at their own thermal expansion coefficient with almost zero hysteresis.


Renishaw's non-contact optical encoder range incorporates high-accuracy linear and high-precision angle encoders, including vacuum-compatible models. All Renishaw non-contact optical encoders exhibit zero mechanical hysteresis and excellent metrology. The TONiCÔ super-compact, optical encoder packs advanced optics and electronics in a 35 mm x 13.5 mm x 10 mm (L-W-H) readhead for great design/application flexibility and installation. Available in both linear and rotary versions, TONiC supports many applications from standard motion control to ultra-high precision stages.













Jeffrey Seliga

Renishaw, Inc.

5277 Trillium Blvd.

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Tel.: 847.286.9953

Fax: 847.286.9974

E-mail: jeffrey.seliga@renishaw.com

Web: http://www.renishaw.com

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