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Microprocessor-based Output Dual Axis Inclinometers with RS232 and RS485 Communications



The Fredericks Company, a leading ISO9001:2008 manufacturer of electrolytic tilt sensor and inclinometer products, has announced an expansion of their microprocessor-based analog output Dual Axis Inclinometer line.


In addition to their Dual Axis Inclinometer (Part #0729-1755-99) with 0-5 V outputs for each (x & y axis) and for temperature, the company now offers a Dual Axis Inclinometer (Part #0729-1759-99) with RS 232 Communications and a Dual Axis Inclinometer (Part # 0729-1760-99) with RS 485 Communications.


All three (3) inclinometers are designed for easy use and interface with all types of instrumentation and equipment, offer an angle range of +/- 60є in two axis, x and y, 0.2 arc minutes resolution (.003 degrees), and +/- 0.1 degree repeatability. Custom angle ranges are available.


The inclinometers' compact robust housing encloses microprocessor-based electronics that provide long-term reliability and environmental durability. The inclinometers are all RoHS compliant, consume low power, provide higher ingress protection (IP) rating, and offer minimal drift over lifetime compared to MEMs devices.


Typical applications include but are not limited to aerial lift platform leveling, monitor or control, crane boom angle measurement, robotic controls, satellite dish alignment, solar panel position and elevation control, wheel alignment systems, alarm system activation, machine tool leveling, and medical equipment positioning and monitoring.









John Weigner

The Fredericks Company

2400 Philmont Avenue,

Huntingdon Valley,

PA 19006-0067, USA

Tel.: 215/938-4433

Fax: 215/947-7464

E-mail: sales@frederickscom.com

Web: http://www.Frederickscom.com

Dual Axis Inclinometer





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