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Carbon Monoxide Sensor


Austin, Texas-based Nano-Proprietary, Inc.announced that its subsidiary, Applied Nanotech, Inc. (ANI) has developed a “Gated” metal oxide sensor for carbon monoxide (CO) detection and measurement. The gated approach allows the sensor to operate without heating, as compared with most Carbon Monoxide sensors which require heating the sensor to greater than 250 degrees Celsius.


The sensor is specific to carbon monoxide with no cross sensitivity to other gases and elements and can operate in extreme environments ranging from negative sixty degrees Celsius to one hundred and sixty degrees Celsius. The sensor also operates at low power, is easily portable, highly sensitive, and has a fast response/recovery time with instant-on operation.


The novelty of a "Gated" Carbon Monoxide allows for operation without heating. Additional features include very low-power, low cost, portability, high sensitivity hydrogen detection (1000 ppm), fast response/recovery time less than 10 seconds) with instant-on operation. The ANI "Gated" Metal Oxide Sensor allows for operation in the most extreme environments without the requirement to heat the sensor. The Sensor operates in a wide range of temperature( from -60 to 160 degrees centigrade) and pressure. The device is specific to carbon monoxide detection with no cross sensitivity to any other gases and elements. The Applied Nanotech sensor has a rich set of features, is low cost and has the ability to operate in extreme environments, allowing for the widest range of industrial and commercial applications such as monitoring Home Safety, Vehicles, Aircraft and Industrial and Office Buildings.




Dr Zvi Yaniv,

Nano Proprietary Inc.

Tel.:512-339-5020 X103

E-mail: zyaniv@appliednanotech.net


Carbon Monoxide Sensor




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