Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 67, Issue 5, May 2006: Sensors Market Trends

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MEMS Gyroscope Market is Expected to Reach 800M$ in 2010


MEMS gyroscope industry plans a high growth potential of the defence and low end automotive applications. The MEMS gyroscope market is expected to generate in the range of 800M$ value in 2010. During the mean time several challenges are identified: increasing number of gyroscope players and changes in the value chain due to patents and supply issues. In this context, Yole Development has edited a new report describing the current structure of the MEMS gyroscope industry, the applicative markets, the main business models, the main challenges and its potential evolutions.


The report is including unique features:

  • Description of each application with market estimates and market shares (when available)

  • Analysis of the competition

  • Analysis of the four major business trends

  • Analysis of gyroscope technologies

  • Analysis of technologies substitution risk

Three fields with high growth potential


Over the scope of gyroscope uses, it is expected that:

         Automotive applications (highest new entrant rate)

         Defence & aeronautics applications (stable business)

         Consumer applications (booming markets thanks to sensor introduction in personal electronics). Specific video game programs like Nintendo Revolution or Sony Playstation 3 are likely to account for tenth of millions gyroscopes shipments as well. But will MEMS meet the tech/price specifications ?


Emerging gyroscopes applications are today discussed in medical and robotic field.


The 4 major business trends

  • Yole Development has identified four major trends and challenges that would be detailed in this report:

  • MEMS manufacturers are more and more willing to supply a module instead of a component. Interests for IMUs have been identified in all fields of applications. Developments are in progress at Invensense (USA) for example.

  • MEMS manufacturers are willing to enter volume applications (e.g. Honeywell when in 2005 it extended its gyroscope product range to the automotive field

  • Business models will adapt according to the supplying strategy of car manufacturers: first signs already occurred in the USA and Japan

  • Patent challenges can play a important role to enter a market, particularly in consumer and automotive applications

MEMS Gyroscope Market


 MEMS Gyroscope Market



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