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Testing for CANopen Conformance



Erlangen. CAN in Automation (CiA) offers a software tool to test devices for conformance to the higher-layer protocol CANopen. Also, the CiA international users and manufacturers group certifies CANopen devices with the help of this tool. The successful testing of CANopen conformity is an important mark of quality for purchasers of CANopen devices, said Holger Zeltwanger, CEO of CiA. CANopen devices that pass the test, pose less problems than those that have not been tested. As a matter of fact, the tested ones are usually integrated without any problem at all.


The CAN-based higher-layer protocol CANopen is used in many different application areas, e.g. in machine building, in medical technology, in rail vehicles, in building automation and in commercial vehicles. Error-free communication, the base for liability exclusion and customer retention, is only possible if the interfaces have been implemented correctly.


Since every manufacturer may interpret specifications differently, a conformance test is an important tool for rendering devices with interfaces operable. The manufacturer-independent testing of devices for conformity to the CANopen (EN 50325-4) specification ensures that most of the possible implementation errors are found. The errors discovered during the test are usually simple mix-ups or wrong interpretations of the CANopen specification. Especially the SDO abort code are a common source of error, but also the default values, which may not be implemented as specified.


The device to be tested may even be error-free, however its EDS (electronic data sheet) may be faulty. Since may configuration tools use the EDS as base, a faulty or incomplete EDS may keep the device from being configured correctly. The conformance test tool also requires an EDS that is correct in form and content.







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