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Linear Displacement Transducers



Machine manufacturers often need to control positions of hydraulic cylinders, rolls,  calenders, actuators etc. in order to better control the machine operation in closed loop system with the PLC or computer.


DS Europe, in order to satisfy this need, is proposing series PC magnetostrictive position transducers.


Series PC is measuring absolute positions without contact and wear between cursor and transducer probe and can withstand in a good way shocks, vibrations and dirtiness (IP65).


Series PC can measure up to two cursor positions, It has a check up system for an easy installation and can measure also velocities.


Main features are:

  • Measuring ranges: 0 to 100 up to 3000 mm FS

  • Outputs: 0-10V, 4-20mA, RS485, RS422, Start-Stop, CANopen

  • Resolution: 0,046mm.

DS Europe produces mod. PCS for linear position (with cursor ring for hydraulic cylinders) and with float for liquid level measures (wet parts are welded stainless steel) and mod. PCR with slide cursors (substituting encoders and potentiometers).


Applications: presses, dancing roll position on textile or converting machines,  plastic blowing machines, ceramic and marble machines, liquid batching machines, wood-working machines, paper machines, drilling machines, machine tools and where it is necessary to have high long term reliability.





Dott. Dario Piardi

DS Europe S.r.l.

Via F. Russoli, 6, 20143 Milano

T. 02/8910142

Fax 02/89124848

E-mail: dseurope@dseurope.com

Linear displacement transducers





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