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Cavity Pressure Sensors



Cavity pressure is and remains the process variable in evaluating the injection molding proc-ess and the quality of the molding. The right choice of sensor and simple and reliable con-nection technology are the most important criteria for success. The size of the sensor is of-ten determined by the size of the molding. Kistler offers the right sensor for any dimensions with front diameters from 1 mm (Type 6183A) to 6 mm (Type 6152A), or miniature sensors with side cable outlet Type 6184A. There are, however, other factors that dictate the choice of sensor. For example, fillers and abrasive materials require sensors with a front coating, which Kistler offers for all standard sensors in the form of abrasion-resistant chro-mium.


Last not least, the process determines which is the right sensor to choose. In low-pressure processes, such as foam of thermoplastics or polyurethane injection molding, particularly sensitive high-resolution sensors must be employed. Kistlers special low-pressure-processing sensors Types 6172A, 6177A and 6178A have proven effective in these applications.


In addition to cavity pressure, the combined pressure and temperature sensors Types 6189A and 6190B can also measure contact temperature. For optical components and class A surfaces, which must be free from any impression of the sensor on the molding, measuring pins (e.g. Type 9247A...), which are mounted behind the wall of the cavity in the mold, measure the compression strain of the steel caused by the cavity pressure.


In combination with single-wire and multi-channel cabling technology, Kistler offers the widest and most easily managed spectrum of cavity pressure sensors: the right sensor for any process.






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Cavity pressure sensors





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