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New Low-cost, General-purpose Magnetic Field Sensor and Portable Power Supply / Display Unit



Mag690 Sensor


The new three-axis Mag690 magnetic field sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications, including detection of magnetic materials, surveillance, navigation, and traffic detection. As well as its low cost, the sensor’s benefits include small size, good noise performance and a wide bandwidth.


Key features:

  • Noise performance <20 pTrms/Hz @ 1 Hz

  • Three measuring ranges: ±100 μT, 500 μT and 1000 μT

  • Bandwidth from DC to >1 kHz

  • ±11 V to ±17 V supply


Magmeter Power Supply


New unit is a portable, battery-powered device that provides power for most Bartington magnetic field sensors, including the Mag690. It also enables easy access to filtered versions of the sensor's XYZ outputs.


The Magmeter incorporates three LCDs displaying the real-time DC field or AC field as an RMS value being measured by the connected sensor. It is ideal for a fast and accurate portable check of magnetic field strength.



About Bartington


Both of the above units are designed and manufactured in the UK by Bartington Instruments, who develop a wide range of magnetic measuring instruments used globally in the defence, aerospace, geophysics and physics sectors. The products include single- and three-axis magnetic field sensors, fluxgate gradiometers and magnetic susceptibility measuring equipment. Custom magnetometer design and manufacture is also available.






Ludovic Letourneur

Technical Sales Executive

Bartington Instruments, Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 1993 706565

E-mail: ludovic.letourneur@bartington.com

Web: http://www.bartington.com


Magmeter Power Supply

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