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Next Generation Accelerometers

(CORDIS focus, Issue 52/53 - April 2006)


Under the auspices of the Piramid project, novel piezoceramic materials have been developed that could lead to new industrial application devices, such as accelerometers.


The ever increasing market needs have generated new demands on the industrial development of devices, such as accelerometers. Thereby, smaller dimensions, lower prices and weight as well as better performance are highly required. Focusing on the price, time-to-market and performance, this project designed and developed material aimed for a new generation of accelerometers.


The newly developed devices are aimed for the industrial development and testing of complicated structures. The new accelerometers could be highly suitable for product development, including modal analysis for development and multichannel data acquisition systems for test. Thereby, cheaper transducers could be components based on new and currently commercially available systems.


The end devices are expected to be light in weight with lower power consumption, lower noise and hence better performance than the current state of the art devices. Additionally, they are simpler in assembly and may include lead-free materials rendering them more environmentally friendly. 


These innovations could be used in the R & D, testing and engineering market for 84MUSD and triaxial accelerometers, with potential end-users including car manufacturers and aircraft industries. Further detailed testing is required for verification of the stability of specifications and the environmental effects prior to manufacturing.



Collaboration sought: further research or development support, manufacturing agreement, financial support


Funded: within the FP5 programme' Growth' (Competitive and sustainable growth)


Offer ID: 2228







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