Bullet Intelligent Sensor Systems and Smart Sensors Reprints (1986-1995),

   Ed. by Gerard C.M. Meijer and Johan H. Huijsing



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This booklet contains a collection of reprints of international publications in the field of intelligent sensor systems and smart sensors. It gives an overview of the scientific research programs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology. The papers are arranged in five different research topics, system concept, sensor interfacing circuits, temperature and thermal sensors, electro-optical sensors and capacitive sensors. Also a list of researchers names and addresses is given.


I. System Concept

No. Authors and Title

Gerard C.M. Meijer. Concepts and Focus for Intelligent Sensor Systems, Sensors and Actuators A, 41-42 (1994) 183-191.


Gerard C.M. Meijer, Jaap van Drecht, Paul C.de Jong and Harry Neuteboom. New Concepts for Smart Signal Processor and their Application to PSD Displacement Transducers,  Sensors and Actuators A, 35 (1992) 23-30.


Johan H.Huijsing, Frank R. Riedijk and Gert van der Horn.Developments in Integrated Smart Sensors, Sensors and Actuators A, 43 (1994) 276 -288.


S.Middelhoek, P.J. French, J.H.Huijsing and W.J.Lian. Sensors with Digital or Frequency Output, Sensors and Actuators A, 15 (1988) 119-133.


J.H.Huijsing. Signal Conditioning on the Sensor Chip, Sensors and Actuators, 10 (1986) 219-237.



II. Interfacing Circuits and Systems



Frank M.V. van der Goes, Jan Mulder and Gerard C.M.Meijer. A Novel Low-cost Universal Three-Terminal Universal Sensor Interface, in Proc.Instrumentation and Measurement (IMTC' 95), Boston, 1995, pp.335-338.


Frank M.V. van der Goes, Paul C. de Jong and Gerard C.M.Meijer. Concepts for Accurate A/D Converters for Transducers, in Proc. of the 7th International Conference on Solod-State Sensors and Actuators (Transducers ' 93), Japn, 1993, pp.331-334.


F.R. Riedijk, G.Rademaker and J.H.Huijsing. A Dual-bit Low-offset Sigma Delta Analog-to-digital Converter for Integrated Smart Sensors, Sensors and Actuators A, 36 (1993) 157-164.


Carlos A.Dos Reis Filho. An Integrated 4-20-mA Two-Wire Transmitter with Intrinsic Temperature Sensing Capability, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol.24, No.4, August 1989 (1136-1142).


Johan H.Huijsing, Gerard A.van Rossum and Matthijs van der Lee. Two-wired Bridge-to-Frequency Converter, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol. SC-22, No.3, June 1987 (343-349).



III. Temperature and Thermal Sensors



A.Bakker and J.H.Huijsing. Micropower CMOS Smart Temperature Sensor, Proc. ESSCIRC'95, Lille, France, September 1995, pp.238-241.


Gert van der Horn and Johan H. Huijsing. Smart Temperature Sensor with Integrated Bitstream Calibration.


Gerard C.M.Meijer, Harry M.M. Kerkvliet and Ferry N.Toth. Non-invasive Detection of Micro-organisms Using Smart Temperature Sensors, Sensors and Actuators B, 18-19 (1994) 276-281.


F.R.Riedijk and J.H.Huijsing. A Smart Balanced Thermal Pyranometer Using a Sigma-Delta A-to-D Converter for Direct Communication with Microcontrollers, Sensors and Actuators A, 37-38 (1993) 16-25.


E.J.Hogenbirk, H.J.Verhoeven and J.H.Huijsing. An Integrated Smart Sensor for Flow and Temperature with I2C Bus Interface Based on Thermal Sigma-delta Modulation.


F.R.Riedijk and J.H.Huijsing. An Integrated Absolute Temperature Sensor with Sigma-delta A-D Conversion, Sensors and Actuators A, 34 (1992) 249-256.


J.W.Bosman, J.M.De Bruijn, F.R.Riedijk, B.W.Van Oudheusden and J.H.Huijsing. Integrated Smart Two-dimensional Thermal Flow Sensor with Seebeck-voltage-to-frequency Conversion, Sensors and Actuators A, 31 (1992) 9-16.


Gerard C.M.Meijer and Cor H. Voorwinden. A Novel BIMOS Signal Processor for Pt 100 Temperature Sensors with Microcontroller Interfacing, Sensors and Actuators A, 25-27 (1991) 613-620.


Gerard C.M.Meijer, R.van Gelder, V.Nooder, J. van Drecht and H.Kerkvliet. A Three-Terminal Integrated Temperature Transducer with Microcomputer Interfacing, Sensors and Actuators, 18 (1989) 195-206.


Gerard C.M.Meijer. Thermal Sensors Based on Transistors, Sensors and Actuators, 10 (1986) 103-125.



IV. Smart Electro-optical Sensors



Xiujun Li and Gerard C.M.Meijer.A Novel Smart Resistive-capacitive Position Sensor, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol.44, No.3, June 1995 (768-770).


F.R.Riedijk, T.Smith and J.H.Huijsing. An Integrated Optical Position-sensitive Detector with Digital Output and Error Correction, Sensors and Actuators  A, 40 (1994) 237-242.



V. Smart Capacitive Sensors



Xiujun Li, Gerard C.M.Meijer and Gerben W.de Jong. An Accurate Smart Capacitive Angular-position Sensor with a Full Circle Range, in Proc. IMTC'95, Watham, MA, April 24-26, 1995, pp.80-83.


Ferry N.Toth, Gerard C.M.Meijer and Harry M.M.Kerkvliet. Ultra-linear, Low-cost Measurement System for Multi-electrode pF-range Capacitors,  IMTC'95, Watham, MA, April 24-26, 1995, pp.512-515.


Gerben W.de Jong, Gerard C.M.Meijer, Koert van der Lingen, Jo.W.Spronck, Arthur M.M.Aalsma and Dorus (Th.) A.J.M.Bertels. A Smart Capacitive Absolute Angular-position Sensor, Sensors and Actuators  A, 41-42 (1994) 212-216.


Ferry N. Toth and Gerard C.M.Meijer. A Low-cost, Smart Capacitive Position Sensor, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol.41, No.6, December 1992 (1041-1044).



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