Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 21, 10



Date: 15-Mar-2006


Moving biosensors to point-of-care cancer diagnostics
Pages 1847-1850
Avraham Rasooly
Development of biosensors for cancer clinical testing
Pages 1851-1858
Avraham Rasooly and James Jacobson
 Ligands for Biosensors
Labeling tumor cells with fluorescent nanocrystal–aptamer bioconjugates
Pages 1859-1866
Ted C. Chu, Felice Shieh, Laura A. Lavery, Matthew Levy, Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Brian A. Korgel and Andrew D. Ellington
Isolation of multiple cell-binding ligands from different phage displayed-peptide libraries
Pages 1867-1875
Tsukasa Oyama, Irene T. Rombel, Kausar N. Samli, Xin Zhou and Kathlynn C. Brown
 Biosensor-Transducer Detection Systems
 Direct Detection Biosensors
Detection of clinically relevant point mutations by a novel piezoelectric biosensor
Pages 1876-1879
Daniela Dell’Atti, Sara Tombelli, Maria Minunni and Marco Mascini
 Indirect Detection Biosensors
Multiplexed measurement of serum antibodies using an array biosensor
Pages 1880-1886
Maria C. Moreno-Bondi, Chris Rowe Taitt, Lisa C. Shriver-Lake and Frances S. Ligler
Electrochemical biosensors: Towards point-of-care cancer diagnostics
Pages 1887-1892
Joseph Wang
High speed detection of circulating tumor cells
Pages 1893-1899
H. Ben Hsieh, Dena Marrinucci, Kelly Bethel, Douglas N. Curry, Mark Humphrey, Robert T. Krivacic, Joan Kroener, Lindsay Kroener, Andras Ladanyi, Nicole Lazarus et al.
Fluorescent silica nanospheres for digital counting bioassay of the breast cancer marker HER2/nue
Pages 1900-1906
Liane M. Rossi, Lifang Shi, Nitsa Rosenzweig and Zeev Rosenzweig
 Integrated Lab-on a Chip Systems
Microsystems for isolation and electrophysiological analysis of breast cancer cells from blood
Pages 1907-1914
Ki-Ho Han, Arum Han and A. Bruno Frazier
Polymerase chain reaction/ligase detection reaction/hybridization assays using flow-through microfluidic devices for the detection of low-abundant DNA point mutations
Pages 1915-1923
Masahiko Hashimoto, Francis Barany and Steven A. Soper
 DNA analysis and Detection
Highly sensitive revealing of PCR products with capillary electrophoresis based on single photon detection
Pages 1924-1931
Evgeni A. Kabotyanski, Inna L. Botchkina, Olga Kosobokova, Galina I. Botchkina, Vera Gorfinkel and Boris Gorbovitski
 White Paper
Point-of-care biosensor systems for cancer diagnostics/prognostics
Pages 1932-1942
Steven A. Soper, Kathlynn Brown, Andrew Ellington, Bruno Frazier, Guillermo Garcia-Manero, Vincent Gau, Steven I. Gutman, Daniel F. Hayes, Brenda Korte, James L. Landers et al.
 Full Length Papers
Molecularly imprinted micro and nanospheres for the selective recognition of 17β-estradiol
Pages 1943-1951
Shuting Wei, Alexandra Molinelli and Boris Mizaikoff
Development of a combined setup for simultaneous detection of total and glycated haemoglobin content in blood samples
Pages 1952-1959
Jan Přibyl and Petr Skládal
Lithographic techniques and surface chemistries for the fabrication of PEG-passivated protein microarrays
Pages 1960-1967
Balaji Kannan, Kenneth Castelino, Fanqing Frank Chen and Arun Majumdar
A biosensor based on co-immobilized l-glutamate oxidase and l-glutamate dehydrogenase for analysis of monosodium glutamate in food
Pages 1968-1972
Anjan Kumar Basu, Parimal Chattopadhyay, Utpal Roychudhuri and Runu Chakraborty
A novel application of multi-wavelength TIRF spectroscopy for real time monitoring of antithrombin interactions with immobilized heparin
Pages 1973-1980
J.E. Klinth, R. Larsson, P.O. Andersson and K. Nilsson Ekdahl
Piezoelectric biosensor using olfactory receptor protein expressed in Escherichia coli
Pages 1981-1986
Jong Hwan Sung, Hwi Jin Ko and Tai Hyun Park
 Short Communications
SPR-based immunosensor for the CRP detection—A new method to detect a well known protein
Pages 1987-1990
Martin H.F. Meyer, Markus Hartmann and Michael Keusgen
Microfluidic-based diagnostics for cervical cancer cells
Pages 1991-1995
Z. Du, N. Colls, K.H. Cheng, M.W. Vaughn and L. Gollahon
Glucose biosensor based on Au nanoparticles–conductive polyaniline nanocomposite
Pages 1996-2000
Yuezhong Xian, Yi Hu, Fang Liu, Yang Xian, Haiting Wang and Litong Jin
Wireless electrodeless piezomagnetic biosensor with an isolated nickel oscillator
Pages 2001-2005
Hirotsugu Ogi, Kazuma Motohisa, Takashi Matsumoto, Tomoo Mizugaki and Masahiko Hirao
Miniaturized immunoassay microfluidic system with electrokinetic control
Pages 2006-2009
Qing Xiang, Guoqing Hu, Yali Gao and Dongqing Li
Automatic fermentation control based on a real-time in situ SIRE® biosensor regulated glucose feed
Pages 2010-2013
Lina Lidgren, Ola Lilja, Margareta Krook and Dario Kriz






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