Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 21, 11



Date: 15-May-2006


Special Section on Biological Fuel Cells
Biofuel cells and their development
Pages 2015-2045
R.A. Bullen, T.C. Arnot, J.B. Lakeman and F.C. Walsh
Making glucose oxidase fit for biofuel cell applications by directed protein evolution
Pages 2046-2051
Ziwei Zhu, Carmen Momeu, Maxim Zakhartsev and Ulrich Schwaneberg
Direct methanol biocatalytic fuel cell—Considerations of restraints on electron transfer
Pages 2052-2057
Xia-Chang Zhang, Anja Ranta and Aarne Halme
Harvesting energy from the marine sediment–water interface II: Kinetic activity of anode materials
Pages 2058-2063
Daniel A. Lowy, Leonard M. Tender, J. Gregory Zeikus, Doo Hyun Park and Derek R. Lovley
Biomembranes for fuel cell electrolytes employing anhydrous proton conducting uracil composites
Pages 2064-2069
Masanori Yamada and Itaru Honma
 Regular Section
Probability of real-time detection versus probability of infection for aerosolized biowarfare agents: A model study
Pages 2070-2077
Alexander Sabelnikov, Vladimir Zhukov and Ruth Kempf
 Full Length Papers
A novel estrogen sensor based on recombinant Arxula adeninivorans cells
Pages 2078-2085
Thomas Hahn, Kristina Tag, Klaus Riedel, Steffen Uhlig, Keith Baronian, Gerd Gellissen and Gotthard Kunze
Phytotoxicity of surface waters of the Thames and Brisbane River Estuaries: A combined chemical analysis and bioassay approach for the comparison of two systems
Pages 2086-2093
S.M. Bengtson Nash, J. Goddard and J.F. Müller
Polymer actuator valves toward controlled drug delivery application
Pages 2094-2099
Han Xu, Chong Wang, Chunlei Wang, Jim Zoval and Marc Madou
Optical microbial biosensor for detection of methyl parathion pesticide using Flavobacterium sp. whole cells adsorbed on glass fiber filters as disposable biocomponent
Pages 2100-2105
Jitendra Kumar, Sandeep Kumar Jha and S.F. D'Souza
A strategy for sensitivity and specificity enhancements in prostate specific antigen-α1-antichymotrypsin detection based on surface plasmon resonance
Pages 2106-2113
Cuong Cao, Jun Pyo Kim, Byung Woo Kim, Heeyeop Chae, Hyun C. Yoon, Sang Sik Yang and Sang Jun Sim
SOS-red fluorescent protein (RFP) bioassay system for monitoring of antigenotoxic activity in plant extracts  
Pages 2114-2120
Amelita Bartolome, Katheryn Mandap, Kevim Jhean David, Fortunato Sevilla III and James Villanueva
DNA–Cu(II) poly(amine) complex membrane as novel catalytic layer for highly sensitive amperometric determination of hydrogen peroxide 
Pages 2121-2128
Tingting Gu and Yasushi Hasebe
Determination of carbaryl in natural water samples by a surface plasmon resonance flow-through immunosensor 
Pages 2129-2136
E. Mauriz, A. Calle, A. Abad, A. Montoya, A. Hildebrandt, D. Barceló and L.M. Lechuga
Spatially controlled electro-stimulated DNA adsorption and desorption for biochip applications
Pages 2137-2145
Andrew L. Hook, Helmut Thissen, Jason P. Hayes and Nicolas H. Voelcker
Versatile bioelectronic interfaces based on heterotrifunctional linking molecules 
Pages 2146-2154
Brian L. Hassler and Robert M. Worden
A high sensitivity amperometric biosensor using laccase as biorecognition element
Pages 2155-2160
Fabio Vianello, Santa Ragusa, Maria Teresa Cambria and Adelio Rigo
Clinical evaluation of micro-scale chip-based PCR system for rapid detection of hepatitis B virus
Pages 2161-2169
Yoon-Kyoung Cho, Jintae Kim, Youngsun Lee, Young-A. Kim, Kak Namkoong, Heekyun Lim, Kwang W. Oh, Suhyeon Kim, Jungim Han, Chinsung Park et al.
Fabrication and optimal design of differential electromagnetic transducer for implantable middle ear hearing device
Pages 2170-2175
Min-Kyu Kim, Il-Yong Park, Byung-Scop Song and Jin-Ho Cho
 Short Communications
Development of a disposable pyruvate biosensor to determine pungency in onions (Allium cepa L.)
Pages 2176-2179
L.A. Abayomi, L.A. Terry, S.F. White and P.J. Warner
An immunosensor for ferritin based on agarose hydrogel
Pages 2180-2183
Xiuhua Zhang, Shengfu Wang, Mei Hu and Yao Xiao
Enantioselective sensing of chiral amino acids by potentiometric sensors based on optical active polyaniline films
Pages 2184-2187
Xiuli Yin, Jingjing Ding, Song Zhang and Jilie Kong
Selective patterning and immobilization of biomolecules within precisely-defined micro-reservoirs 
Pages 2188-2193
Nae Yoon Lee, Ju Ri Lim and Youn Sang Kim






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