Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 21, 8



Date: 15-Feb-2006


Enzyme inhibition-based biosensors for food safety and environmental monitoring
Pages 1405-1423
Aziz Amine, Hasna Mohammadi, Ilhame Bourais and Giuseppe Palleschi
State of the art and recent advances in immunoanalytical systems
Pages 1424-1433
Christophe A. Marquette and Loïc J. Blum
 Regular Papers
Affinity-selected filamentous bacteriophage as a probe for acoustic wave biodetectors of Salmonella typhimurium
Pages 1434-1442
Eric V. Olsen, Iryna B. Sorokulova, Valery A. Petrenko, I-Hsuan Chen, James M. Barbaree and Vitaly J. Vodyanoy
Two-dimensional micro-bubble actuator array to enhance the efficiency of molecular beacon based DNA micro-biosensors
Pages 1443-1450
Peigang Deng, Yi-Kuen Lee and Ping Cheng
Oligosaccharide microarrays fabricated on aminooxyacetyl functionalized glass surface for characterization of carbohydrate–protein interaction
Pages 1451-1458
Xichun Zhou and Jizhong Zhou
Dual polarisation interferometry characterisation of DNA immobilisation and hybridisation detection on a silanised support
Pages 1459-1467
B. Lillis, M. Manning, H. Berney, E. Hurley, A. Mathewson and M.M. Sheehan
Microfluidic pH-sensing chips integrated with pneumatic fluid-control devices
Pages 1468-1475
Chen-Fu Lin, Gwo-Bin Lee, Chih-Hao Wang, Huei-Huang Lee, Wei-Yin Liao and Tse-Chuan Chou
Waveguide excitation fluorescence microscopy: A new tool for sensing and imaging the biointerface
Pages 1476-1482
H.M. Grandin, B. Städler, M. Textor and J. Vörös
Human neuroblastoma (SH-SY5Y) cell culture and differentiation in 3-D collagen hydrogels for cell-based biosensing  
Pages 1483-1492
Anu Desai, William S. Kisaalita, Charles Keith and Z.-Z. Wu
Bacterial sensors based on Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans: Part I. Fe2+ and S2O32− determination
Pages 1493-1500
Roumen Zlatev, Jean-Pierre Magnin, Patrick Ozil and Margarita Stoytcheva
Bacterial sensors based on Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans: Part II. Cr(VI) determination
Pages 1501-1506
Roumen Zlatev, Jean-Pierre Magnin, Patrick Ozil and Margarita Stoytcheva
Amplified label-free electrocatalytic detection of DNA in the presence of calcium ions
Pages 1507-1512
Patricia de-los-Santos-Álvarez, Noemí de-los-Santos-Álvarez, M. Jesús Lobo-Castañón, Arturo J. Miranda-Ordieres and Paulino Tuñón-Blanco
A micro-immuno supported liquid membrane assay (μ-ISLMA)
Pages 1513-1520
Madalina Tudorache and Jenny Emnéus
Analysis of protein interactions on protein arrays by a novel spectral surface plasmon resonance imaging
Pages 1521-1528
Jong Seol Yuk, Hyun-Soo Kim, Jae-Wan Jung, Se-Hui Jung, Seung-Joon Lee, Woo Jin Kim, Jeong-A Han, Young-Myeong Kim and Kwon-Soo Ha
Amperometric biosensor for hydrogen peroxide based on ferrocene-bovine serum albumin and multiwall carbon nanotube modified ormosil composite
Pages 1529-1535
Vijay Shyam Tripathi, Vivek Babu Kandimalla and Huangxian Ju
Polydiacetylene (PDA)-based colorimetric detection of biotin–streptavidin interactions
Pages 1536-1544
Yun Kyung Jung, Hyun Gyu Park and Jong-Man Kim
Quartz crystal microbalance bioaffinity sensor for biotin based on mixed self-assembled monolayers and metastable molecular complex receptor
Pages 1545-1552
Ting Deng, Ji-Shan Li, Shuang-Yan Huan, Hai-Feng Yang, Hua Wang, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Oriented coupling of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) to sensor surfaces using light assisted immobilisation technology
Pages 1553-1559
Torben Snabe, Gustav Andreas Røder, Maria Teresa Neves-Petersen, Søren Buus and Steffen Bjørn Petersen
Ultra-high redox enzyme signal transduction using highly ordered carbon nanotube array electrodes
Pages 1560-1565
G.D. Withey, A.D. Lazareck, M.B. Tzolov, A. Yin, P. Aich, J.I. Yeh and J.M. Xu
Protection of mammalian cell used in biosensors by coating with a polyelectrolyte shell
Pages 1566-1573
Matthieu Germain, Patrick Balaguer, Jean-Claude Nicolas, Frederic Lopez, Jean-Pierre Esteve, Gleb B. Sukhorukov, Mathias Winterhalter, Hélène Richard-Foy and Didier Fournier
Detecting minimal traces of DNA using DNA covalently attached to superparamagnetic nanoparticles and direct PCR-ELISA
Pages 1574-1580
Manuel Fuentes, Cesar Mateo, Ana Rodriguez, Mercedes Casqueiro, Juan C. Tercero, Hans H. Riese, Roberto Fernández-Lafuente and Jose M. Guisán
Series quartz crystal sensor for remote bacteria population monitoring in raw milk via the Internet
Pages 1581-1590
Ku-Shang Chang, Hung-Der Jang, Ching-Fu Lee, Yuan-Guey Lee, Chiun-Jye Yuan and Sheng-Hsien Lee
One-step screen-printed electrode modified in its bulk with HRP based on direct electron transfer for hydrogen peroxide detection in flow injection mode
Pages 1591-1598
Sophie Ledru, Nadine Ruillé and Mohammed Boujtita
Label free analysis of transcription factors using microcantilever arrays
Pages 1599-1605
François Huber, Martin Hegner, Christoph Gerber, Hans-Joachim Güntherodt and Hans Peter Lang
Measurement of the optical parameters of purple membrane and plant light-harvesting complex films with optical waveguide lightmode spectroscopy
Pages 1606-1612
A. Lukács, G. Garab and E. Papp
A fluorescent glucose biosensor based on immobilized glucose oxidase on bamboo inner shell membrane
Pages 1613-1620
Xiaofeng Yang, Zaide Zhou, Dan Xiao and Martin M.F. Choi
High throughput particle analysis: Combining dielectrophoretic particle focussing with confocal optical detection
Pages 1621-1630
David Holmes, Hywel Morgan and Nicolas G. Green
Immunodetection of pentamer and modified C-reactive protein using surface plasmon resonance biosensing
Pages 1631-1637
W.P. Hu, H.-Y. Hsu, A. Chiou, K.Y. Tseng, H.-Y. Lin, G.L. Chang and S.-J. Chen
 Short Communications
Nanoparticle-assisted micropatterning of active proteins on solid substrate
Pages 1638-1643
Chun Wang, Yong Zhang, Ho Soon Seng and Low Lee Ngo
Sample flow switching techniques on microfluidic chips
Pages 1644-1648
Yu-Jen Pan, Jin-Jie Lin, Win-Jet Luo and Ruey-Jen Yang
Miniaturized one-chip electrochemical sensing device integrated with a dialysis membrane and double thin-layer flow channels for measuring blood samples
Pages 1649-1653
Ryoji Kurita, Norikuni Yabumoto and Osamu Niwa
Developing a biosensor for estrogens in water samples: Study of the real-time response of live cells of the estrogen-sensitive yeast strain RMY/ER-ERE using fluorescence microscopy
Pages 1654-1658
E. Wozei, S.W. Hermanowicz and H-Y.N. Holman
A proteomic biosensor for enteropathogenic E. coli
Pages 1659-1663
Scott R. Horner, Charles R. Mace, Lewis J. Rothberg and Benjamin L. Miller
Porous silicon-based optical microsensor for the detection of l-glutamine
Pages 1664-1667
Luca De Stefano, Lucia Rotiroti, Ivo Rendina, Luigi Moretti, Viviana Scognamiglio, Mosè Rossi and Sabato D’Auria
A cowpea mosaic virus nanoscaffold for multiplexed antibody conjugation: Application as an immunoassay tracer
Pages 1668-1673
Kim E. Sapsford, Carissa M. Soto, Amy Szuchmacher Blum, Anju Chatterji, Tianwei Lin, John E. Johnson, Frances S. Ligler and Banahalli R. Ratna






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