Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 22, 2



Date: 15-September-2006


Regular Papers
An automated cell analysis sensing system based on a microfabricated rheoscope for the study of red blood cells physiology
Pages 165-169
Avishay Bransky, Natanel Korin, Yael Nemirovski and Uri Dinnar
EDC-mediated DNA attachment to nanocrystalline CVD diamond films
Pages 170-177
P. Christiaens, V. Vermeeren, S. Wenmackers, M. Daenen, K. Haenen, M. Nesládek, M. vandeVen, M. Ameloot, L. Michiels and P. Wagner
Metallic oxide CdIn2O4 films for the label free electrochemical detection of DNA hybridization
Pages 178-184
A. Zebda, V. Stambouli, M. Labeau, C. Guiducci, J.-P. Diard and B. Le Gorrec
Glutamate optical biosensor based on the immobilization of glutamate dehydrogenase in titanium dioxide sol–gel matrix
Pages 185-191
Ruey-an Doong and Hui-mei Shih
Characterization and optimization of two methods in the immobilization of 12 bioluminescent strains
Pages 192-199
Robert J. Mitchell and Man Bock Gu
Cytometry on a chip: Cellular phenotypic and functional analysis using grating-coupled surface plasmon resonance
Pages 200-206
Guang-bi Jin, Darryn W. Unfricht, Salvador M. Fernandez and Michael A. Lynes
An amplified mass piezoelectric immunosensor for Schistosoma japonicum
Pages 207-212
Zhaoyang Wu, Jian Wu, Shiping Wang, Guoli Shen and Ruqin Yu
Electrochemical characterization and application of azurin-modified gold electrodes for detection of superoxide
Pages 213-219
Sergey Shleev, Jonas Wetterö, Karl-Eric Magnusson and Tautgirdas Ruzgas
Amperometric detection of insulin at renewable sol–gel derived carbon ceramic electrode modified with nickel powder and potassium octacyanomolybdate(IV)
Pages 220-226
Abdollah Salimi, Mahmoud Roushani, Behzad Haghighi and Saied Soltanian
Integration of a surface acoustic wave biosensor in a microfluidic polymer chip
Pages 227-232
Kerstin Länge, Guido Blaess, Achim Voigt, Reiner Götzen and Michael Rapp
A comparative study of capacitive immunosensors based on self-assembled monolayers formed from thiourea, thioctic acid, and 3-mercaptopropionic acid
Pages 233-240
Warakorn Limbut, Proespichaya Kanatharana, Bo Mattiasson, Punnee Asawatreratanakul and Panote Thavarungkul
Evaluation of progesterone content in saliva using magnetic particle-based immuno supported liquid membrane assay (m-ISLMA)
Pages 241-246
Madalina Tudorache, Izabela Anna Zdrojewska and Jenny Emnéus
Direct voltammetry of catalase immobilized on silica sol–gel and cysteine modified gold electrode and its application
Pages 247-252
Junwei Di, Min Zhang, Kaian Yao and Shuping Bi
A sensitive determination of estrogens with a Pt nano-clusters/multi-walled carbon nanotubes modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 253-259
Xiangqin Lin and Yongxin Li
In vivo detection of membrane protein expression using surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy (SPFS)
Pages 260-267
Simone S. Krupka, Birgit Wiltschi, Ute Reuning, Kerstin Hölscher, Masahiko Hara and Eva-Kathrin Sinner
Optimizing recombinant antibody function in SPR immunosensing: The influence of antibody structural format and chip surface chemistry on assay sensitivity
Pages 268-274
S. Townsend, W.J.J. Finlay, S. Hearty and R. O’Kennedy
Concanavalin A for in vivo glucose sensing: A biotoxicity review
Pages 275-284
Ralph Ballerstadt, Colton Evans, Roger McNichols and Ashok Gowda
Cr(VI) quantification using an amperometric enzyme-based sensor: Interference and physical and chemical factors controlling the biosensor response in ground waters
Pages 285-290
Caroline Michel, Aziz Ouerd, Fabienne Battaglia-Brunet, Nathalie Guigues, Jean-Pierre Grasa, Mireille Bruschi and Ioannis Ignatiadis
Studies on induction of l-aspartic acid modified chitosan to crystal growth of the calcium phosphate in supersaturated calcification solution by quartz crystal microbalance
Pages 291-297
Zhihong Zhu, Hua Tong, Tao Jiang, Xinyu Shen, Peng Wan and Jiming Hu
Design of molecular wires based on supramolecular structures for application in glucose biosensors
Pages 298-305
Wendel A. Alves, Pablo A. Fiorito, Susana I. Córdoba de Torresi and Roberto M. Torresi
Poly(vinylpyrrolidone)-doped nitric oxide-releasing xerogels as glucose biosensor membranes
Pages 306-312
Mark H. Schoenfisch, Aaron R. Rothrock, Jae Ho Shin, Mark A. Polizzi, Michael F. Brinkley and Kevin P. Dobmeier
 Short Communications
SU-8 based continuous-flow RT-PCR bio-chips under high-precision temperature control
Pages 313-317
Nan-Chyuan Tsai and Chung-Yang Sue
Olfactory cell-based biosensor: A first step towards a neurochip of bioelectronic nose
Pages 318-322
Qingjun Liu, Hua Cai, Ying Xu, Yan Li, Rong Li and Ping Wang
Measurement of dimensions of pentagonal doughnut-shaped C-reactive protein using an atomic force microscope and a dual polarisation interferometric biosensor
Pages 323-327
Shiming Lin, Chih-Kung Lee, Yu-Ming Wang, Long-Sun Huang, Yin-Hang Lin, Shih-Yuan Lee, Bor-Ching Sheu and Su-Ming Hsu






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