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     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 22, 3



Selected Papers from Synthetic Receptors 2005, Salzburg, Austria, 07-09 September 2005
Edited by Chris Allender


Date: 15-September-2006


Amperometric protein sensor – fabricated as a polypyrrole, poly-aminophenylboronic acid bilayer
Pages 329-335
John Rick and Tse-Chuan Chou
Adsorption of dansylated amino acids on molecularly imprinted surfaces: A surface plasmon resonance study
Pages 336-348
Xiao Li and Scott M. Husson
Preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers using nitroxide-mediated living radical polymerization
Pages 349-354
Somchai Boonpangrak, Michael J. Whitcombe, Virapong Prachayasittikul, Klaus Mosbach and Lei Ye
Incorporation of styrene enhances recognition of ribonuclease A by molecularly imprinted polymers
Pages 355-363
Chung-Yi Hsu, Hung-Yin Lin, James L. Thomas, Bo-Tan Wu and Tse-Chuan Chou
Computational predictions and experimental affinity distributions for a homovanillic acid molecularly imprinted polymer
Pages 364-371
Yolanda Dińeiro, M. Isabel Menéndez, M.Carmen Blanco-López, M. Jesús Lobo-Castańón, Arturo J. Miranda-Ordieres and Paulino Tuńón-Blanco
Systematic cross-selectivity study of the factors influencing template receptor interactions in molecularly imprinted nitrogen heterocycles
Pages 372-380
Wayne Cummins, Patrick Duggan and Peter McLoughlin
Influence of initiator and different polymerisation conditions on performance of molecularly imprinted polymers
Pages 381-387
Irene Mijangos, Fernando Navarro-Villoslada, Antonio Guerreiro, Elena Piletska, Iva Chianella, Kal Karim, Anthony Turner and Sergey Piletsky
Design of highly efficient receptor sites by combination of cyclodextrin units and molecular cavity in TiO2 ultrathin layer
Pages 388-392
Do-Hyeon Yang, Myung-Jong Ju, Aya Maeda, Kenshi Hayashi, Kiyoshi Toko, Seung-Woo Lee and Toyoki Kunitake
Visual DNA microarrays for simultaneous detection of Ureaplasma urealyticum and Chlamydia trachomatis coupled with multiplex asymmetrical PCR
Pages 393-398
Xuan Cao, Ye-Fu Wang, Chu-Fu Zhang and Wen-Juan Gao
Amphiphilic porphyrin film on glass as a simple and selective solid-state chemosensor for aqueous Hg2+
Pages 399-404
Luisa S. Dolci, Ettore Marzocchi, Marco Montalti, Luca Prodi, Donato Monti, Corrado Di Natale, Arnaldo D’Amico and Roberto Paolesse
Mechanically mediated electron transfer in model metallo-enzyme interfaces
Pages 405-408
L.Yu. Gorelik and M.V. Voinova
Dioxin immunosensor using anti-2,3,7,8-TCDD antibody which was produced with mono 6-(2,3,6,7-tetrachloroxanthene-9-ylidene) hexyl succinate as a hapten
Pages 409-414
Jong-Won Park, Shigeru Kurosawa, Hidenobu Aizawa, Hirokazu Hamano, Yoshitsugu Harada, Satoko Asano, Yutaka Mizushima and Megumu Higaki
Heterogeneous optochemical VOC sensing layers selected by ESI-mass spectrometry
Pages 415-422
G. Ciccarella, J. Spadavecchia, R. Rella, G. Vasapollo, P. Mastrorilli and G.P. Suranna
A fluorescence enhancement-based sensor using glycosylated metalloporphyrin as a recognition element for levamisole assay
Pages 423-428
Fu-Chun Gong, Dao-Xin Wu, Zhong Cao and Xiao-Chuan He
Amperometric tyrosinase biosensor based on polyacrylamide microgels
Pages 429-439
J.P. Hervás Pérez, M. Sánchez-Paniagua López, E. López-Cabarcos and B. López-Ruiz
Building of an immunosensor: How can the composition and structure of the thiol attachment layer affect the immunosensor efficiency?
Pages 440-448
Elisabeth Briand, Michčle Salmain, Jean-Marie Herry, Hubert Perrot, Chantal Compčre and Claire-Marie Pradier
Natural and synthetic affinity agents as microdialysis sampling mass transport enhancers: Current progress and future perspectives
Pages 449-457
Jia Duo, Heidi Fletcher and Julie A. Stenken






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