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     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 22, 4



Selected Papers from the 2nd International Meeting on Microsensors and Microsystems
Tainan, Taiwan, 15-18 January 2006, Edited by Tse-Chuan Chou, Kuo-Chuan Ho and Anthony P.F. Tuner


Date: 15-October-2006


Chemical and biological sensing
Chemically imaging living cells by scanning electrochemical microscopy
Pages 461-472
Allen J. Bard, Xiao Li and Wei Zhan
Quartz crystal microbalance immunosensors for environmental monitoring
Pages 473-481
Shigeru Kurosawa, Jong-Won Park, Hidenobu Aizawa, Shin-Ichi Wakida, Hiroaki Tao and Kazuhiko Ishihara
An amperometric uric acid biosensor based on modified Ir–C electrode
Pages 482-488
Yung-Chien Luo, Jing-Shan Do and Chung-Chiun Liu
Preparation of polyaniline-modified electrodes containing sulfonated polyelectrolytes using layer-by-layer techniques
Pages 489-494
Yin-Hou Chen, Jau-Yann Wu and Yi-Chang Chung
Electrodeposition of polypyrrole–multiwalled carbon nanotube–glucose oxidase nanobiocomposite film for the detection of glucose
Pages 495-500
Yu-Chen Tsai, Shih-Ci Li and Shang-Wei Liao
Development of a dimethyl ether (DME) sensor using platinum nanoparticles and thick-film printing  
Pages 501-505
Kanokorn Photinon, Shih-Han Wang and Chung Chiun Liu
Flow analysis coupled with PQC/DNA biosensor for assay of E. coli based on detecting DNA products from PCR amplification
Pages 506-512
Hui Sun, Youyu Zhang and Yingsing Fung
Determination of organophosphorous pesticides by a novel biosensor based on localized surface plasmon resonance
Pages 513-518
Tsao-Jen Lin, Kuang-Tse Huang and Chia-Yu Liu
A miniaturized germanium-doped silicon dioxide-based surface plasmon resonance waveguide sensor for immunoassay detection
Pages 519-525
Jhen-Gang Huang, Chen-Lung Lee, Hsueh-Min Lin, Tsung-Liang Chuang, Way-Seen Wang, Rong-Huey Juang, Ching-Ho Wang, Chih Kung Lee, Shi-Ming Lin and Chii-Wann Lin
 Molecular imprinting
Novel biphasic separations utilising highly selective molecularly imprinted polymers as biorecognition solvent extraction agents
Pages 526-533
Oliver K. Castell, Christopher J. Allender and David A. Barrow
The microcontact imprinting of proteins: The effect of cross-linking monomers for lysozyme, ribonuclease A and myoglobin
Pages 534-543
Hung-Yin Lin, Chung-Yi Hsu, James L. Thomas, Shu-E Wang, Hsiao-Chi Chen and Tse-Chuan Chou
Using protein templates to direct the formation of thin-film polymer surfaces
Pages 544-549
John Rick and Tse-Chuan Chou
Amperometric detection of bilirubin from a micro-sensing electrode with a synthetic bilirubin imprinted poly(MAA-co-EGDMA) film
Pages 550-557
Mei-Jywan Syu, Tsung-Chieh Chiu, Chune-You Lai and Yong-Sheun Chang
A flexible and wearable glucose sensor based on functional polymers with Soft-MEMS techniques
Pages 558-562
Hiroyuki Kudo, Takanori Sawada, Elito Kazawa, Hiromichi Yoshida, Yasuhiko Iwasaki and Kohji Mitsubayashi
AC electro-osmotic mixing induced by non-contact external electrodes
Pages 563-567
Shau-Chun Wang, Hsiao-Ping Chen, Chia-Yu Lee, Chun-Ching Yu and Hsueh-Chia Chang
Three dimensional electrode array for cell lysis via electroporation
Pages 568-574
Kuan-Ying Lu, Andrew M. Wo, Ying-Jie Lo, Ken-Chao Chen, Cheng-Ming Lin and Chii-Rong Yang






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