Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

     ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 23, 4



Date: 30 November 2007


Biological cells on microchips: New technologies and applications
Pages 449-458
Yo Tanaka, Kae Sato, Tatsuya Shimizu, Masayuki Yamato, Teruo Okano and Takehiko Kitamori
Regular Papers

Nanomechanical microcantilever operated in vibration modes with use of RNA aptamer as receptor molecules for label-free detection of HCV helicase
Pages 459-465
Kyo Seon Hwang, Sang-Myung Lee, Kilho Eom, Jeong Hoon Lee, Yoon-Sik Lee, Jung Ho Park, Dae Sung Yoon and Tae Song Kim


Microfluidic systems integrated with two-dimensional surface plasmon resonance phase imaging systems for microarray immunoassay
Pages 466-472
Kuo-Hoong Lee, Yuan-Deng Su, Shean-Jen Chen, Fan-Gang Tseng and Gwo-Bin Lee


Design and performances of immunoassay based on SPR biosensor with magnetic microbeads
Pages 473-478
Ying Sun, Yuping Bai, Daqian Song, Xiaozhou Li, Liying Wang and Hanqi Zhang


Amperometric glucose sensor based on catalytic reduction of dissolved oxygen at soluble carbon nanofiber
Pages 479-484
Lina Wu, Xueji Zhang and Huangxian Ju


Successively amplified electrochemical immunoassay based on biocatalytic deposition of silver nanoparticles and silver enhancement
Pages 485-491
Zhao-Peng Chen, Zhao-Feng Peng, Yan Luo, Bo Qu, Jian-Hui Jiang, Xiao-Bing Zhang, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu


Electrochemiluminescent/voltammetric toxicity screening sensor using enzyme-generated DNA damage
Pages 492-498
Minjeong So, Eli G. Hvastkovs, John B. Schenkman and James F. Rusling


Conducting polymer based fluorescence quenching as a new approach to increase the selectivity of immunosensors
Pages 499-505
A. Ramanavicius, N. Kurilcik, S. Jursenas, A. Finkelsteinas and A. Ramanaviciene


Highly sensitive detection of organophosphorus insecticides using magnetic microbeads and genetically engineered acetylcholinesterase
Pages 506-512
Georges Istamboulie, Silvana Andreescu, Jean-Louis Marty and Thierry Noguer


AlGaN/GaN heterostructures for non-invasive cell electrophysiological measurements
Pages 513-519
Jinjiang Yu, Shrawan Kumar Jha, Lidan Xiao, Qingjun Liu, Ping Wang, Charles Surya and Mo Yang


Holographic sensors for the detection of bacterial spores
Pages 520-527
D. Bhatta, G. Christie, B. Madrigal-González, J. Blyth and C.R. Lowe


Bienzymatic glucose biosensor based on co-immobilization of peroxidase and glucose oxidase on a carbon nanotubes electrode
Pages 528-535
Liande Zhu, Ruilan Yang, Jiangli Zhai and Chunyuan Tian


Monitoring viral-induced cell death using electric cell–substrate impedance sensing
Pages 536-542
Carmen Elaine Campbell, Morten Motzfeldt Laane, Erlend Haugarvoll and Ivar Giaever


Differential effect of the shape of calcium alginate matrices on the physiology of immobilized neuroblastoma N2a and Vero cells: A comparative study
Pages 543-548
S. Kintzios, I. Yiakoumetis, G. Moschopoulou, O. Mangana, K. Nomikou and A. Simonian


Impedimetric immunosensor for the specific label free detection of ciprofloxacin antibiotic
Pages 549-555
Rodica E. Ionescu, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, Laurent Bouffier, Chantal Gondran, Serge Cosnier, Daniel G. Pinacho, M.-Pilar Marco, Francisco J. Sánchez-Baeza, Thomas Healy and Claude Martelet


Mercaptoethylpyrazine promoted electrochemistry of redox protein and amperometric biosensing of uric acid
Pages 556-561
S. Behera and C. Retna Raj


Living cell positioning on the surface of gold film for SPR analysis
Pages 562-567
Yuhki Yanase, Hidenori Suzuki, Tomoko Tsutsui, Ichiro Uechi, Takaaki Hiragun, Shoji Mihara and Michihiro Hide


Peptide nanowires for coordination and signal transduction of peroxidase biosensors to carbon nanotube electrode arrays
Pages 568-574
J.I. Yeh, A. Lazareck, J. Ho Kim, J. Xu and S. Du


Real-time monitoring of adhesion and aggregation of platelets using thickness shear mode (TSM) sensor
Pages 575-582
E. Ergezen, M. Appel, P. Shah, J.Y. Kresh, R.M. Lec and D.M. Wootton

Short Communications

A new electro-optical approach to rapid assay of cell viability
Pages 583-587
Olga I. Guliy, Victor D. Bunin, Daniel O’Neil, Dmitri Ivnitski and Oleg V. Ignatov


Cu(0) as the reaction additive in purge-free ATRP-assisted DNA detection
Pages 588-592
Geoffrey O. Okelo and Lin He


A biofuel cell harvesting energy from glucose–air and fruit juice–air
Pages 593-597
Ying Liu and Shaojun Dong










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