Bullet  Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

      ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 24, 12



Date: 15 August 2009


1. Editorial Board
Page CO2
Review Paper
2. Protein chips and nanomaterials for application in tumor marker immunoassays
Pages 3399-341
Hui Chen, Chunming Jiang, Cheng Yu, Song Zhang, Baohong Liu, Jilie Kong
Regular Papers
3. Real-time monitoring of the strand displacement amplification (SDA) of human cytomegalovirus by a new SDA-piezoelectric DNA sensor system
Pages 3412-3418
Qinghai Chen, Zhihen Bian, Ming Chen, Xing Hua, Chunyan Yao, Han Xia, Hong Kuang, Xue Zhang, Junfu Huang, Guoru Cai, Weiling Fu
4. A micro-potentiometric hemoglobin immunosensor based on electropolymerized polypyrrole–gold nanoparticles composite
Pages 3419-3424
Lan Qu, Shanhong Xia, Chao Bian, Jizhou Sun, Jinghong Han
5. New insights for using self-assembly materials to improve the detection stability in label-free DNA-chip and immuno-sensors
Pages 3425-3429
Sandro Carrara, Luca Benini, Vijayender Bhalla, Claudio Stagni, Anna Ferretti, Andrea Cavallini, Bruno Riccò, Bruno Samorì
6. Compact and low-cost biosensor based on novel approach to spectroscopy of surface plasmons
Pages 3430-3435
Marek Piliarik, Milan Vala, Ivo Tichý, Jiří Homola
7. Comparison of surface plasmon resonance and capacitive immunosensors for cancer antigen 125 detection in human serum samples
Pages 3436-3441
Siriwan Suwansa-ard, Proespichaya Kanatharana, Punnee Asawatreratanakul, Booncharoen Wongkittisuksa, Chusak Limsakul, Panote Thavarungkul
8. Synthesis of novel bispyrene diamines and their application as ratiometric fluorescent probes for detection of DNA
Pages 3442-3447
Yubin Yang, Shaomin Ji, Fuke Zhou, Jianzhang Zhao
9. Nanoplated bismuth titanate sub-microspheres for protein immobilization and their corresponding direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis
Pages 3448-3454
Xiaohua Chen, Jianqiang Hu, Zhiwu Chen, Xiumei Feng, Aiqing Li
10. Rapid detection of human papilloma virus using a novel leaky surface acoustic wave peptide nucleic acid biosensor
Pages 3455-3460
Yunxia Wang, Ming Chen, Liqun Zhang, Yi Ding, Yang Luo, Qinghua Xu, Jianfeng Shi, Liang Cao, Weiling Fu
11. Highly sensitive amperometric immunosensor for the detection of Escherichia coli
Pages 3461-3466
K. Abu-Rabeah, A. Ashkenazi, D. Atias, L. Amir, R.S. Marks
12. A PMMA microcapillary quantum dot linked immunosorbent assay (QLISA)
Pages 3467-3474
Sundar Babu, Sakya Mohapatra, Leonid Zubkov, Sreekant Murthy, Elisabeth Papazoglou
13. A novel non-enzymatic ECL sensor for glucose using palladium nanoparticles supported on functional carbon nanotubes
Pages 3475-3480
Xiao-mei Chen, Zhi-min Cai, Zhi-jie Lin, Tian-tian Jia, Hai-zhu Liu, Ya-qi Jiang, Xi Chen
14. Nonenzymatic glucose sensor based on ultrasonic-electrodeposition of bimetallic PtM (M = Ru, Pd and Au) nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes–ionic liquid composite film
Pages 3481-3486
Fei Xiao, Faqiong Zhao, Deping Mei, Zhirong Mo, Baizhao Zeng
15. Electrochemical assay of the nitrate and nitrite reductase activities of Rhizobium japonicum
Pages 3487-3491
J. Priscilla Salome, R. Amutha, P. Jagannathan, J.J.M. Josiah, Sheela Berchmans, V. Yegnaraman
16. Determination of ascorbic acid by polypyrrole potentiometric detector in ion chromatography
Pages 3492-3497
Mutlu Şahin, Levent Özcan, Betül Usta, Yücel Şahin
17. Selection of a variant of Geobacter sulfurreducens with enhanced capacity for current production in microbial fuel cells
Pages 3498-3503
Hana Yi, Kelly P. Nevin, Byoung-Chan Kim, Ashely E. Franks, Anna Klimes, Leonard M. Tender, Derek R. Lovley
18. Enhancing dopamine detection using a glassy carbon electrode modified with MWCNTs, quercetin, and Nafion®
Pages 3504-3509
Po-Yen Chen, R. Vittal, Po-Chin Nien, Kuo-Chuan Ho
19. Electrotaxis of lung cancer cells in a multiple-electric-field chip
Pages 3510-3516
Ching-Wen Huang, Ji-Yen Cheng, Meng-Hua Yen, Tai-Horng Young
20. Sensing based on assessment of non-monotonous effect determined by target analyte: Case study on pore-forming compounds
Pages 3517-3523
Mihaela Gheorghiu, Andreea Olaru, Aurelia Tar, Cristina Polonschii, Eugen Gheorghiu
21. Amperometric micro-immunosensor for the detection of tumor biomarker
Pages 3524-3530
Shradha Prabhulkar, Subbiah Alwarappan, Guodong Liu, Chen-Zhong Li
22. Direct protein detection with a nano-interdigitated array gate MOSFET
Pages 3531-3537
Xiaohui Tang, Alain M. Jonas, Bernard Nysten, Sophie Demoustier-Champagne, Franoise Blondeau, Pierre-Paul Prévot, Rémi Pampin, Edmond Godfroid, Benjamin Iñiguez, Jean-Pierre Colinge, Jean-Pierre Raskin, Denis Flandre, Vincent Bayot
23. Microalgae fiber optic biosensors for herbicide monitoring using sol–gel technology
Pages 3538-3543
Elena Peña-Vázquez, Emilia Maneiro, Concepción Pérez-Conde, Maria Cruz Moreno-Bondi, Eduardo Costas
24. Thiolated pyrrolidinyl peptide nucleic acids for the detection of DNA hybridization using surface plasmon resonance
Pages 3544-3549
Cheeraporn Ananthanawat, Tirayut Vilaivan, Wanwimon Mekboonsonglarp, Voravee P. Hoven
25. A sensitive method to detect Escherichia coli based on immunomagnetic separation and real-time PCR amplification of aptamers
Pages 3550-3555
Hye-Jin Lee, Byoung Chan Kim, Kyung-Woo Kim, Young Keun Kim, Jungbae Kim, Min-Kyu Oh
26. Xanthine oxidase/laponite nanoparticles immobilized on glassy carbon electrode: Direct electron transfer and multielectrocatalysis
Pages 3556-3561
Dan Shan, Yan-Na Wang, Huai-Guo Xue, Serge Cosnier, Shou-Nian Ding
27. A sensitive voltammetric sensor for determination of synthetic corticosteroid triamcinolone, abused for doping
Pages 3562-3568
Rajendra N. Goyal, Vinod K. Gupta, Sanghamitra Chatterjee
28. Enzyme logic gates for the digital analysis of physiological level upon injury
Pages 3569-3574
Kalayil Manian Manesh, Jan Halámek, Marcos Pita, Jian Zhou, Tsz Kin Tam, Padmanabhan Santhosh, Min-Chieh Chuang, Joshua R. Windmiller, Dewi Abidin, Evgeny Katz, Joseph Wang
29. Selective electrochemical sensor for folic acid at physiological pH using ultrathin electropolymerized film of functionalized thiadiazole modified glassy carbon electrode
Pages 3575-3580
Palraj Kalimuthu, S. Abraham John
30. Label-free and homogeneous DNA hybridization detection using gold nanoparticles-based chemiluiminescence system
Pages 3581-3586
Yingying Qi, Baoxin Li, Zhujun Zhang
31. Development of a photosensitive, high-throughput chip-based superoxide dismutase (SOD) assay to explore the radioprotective activity of herbal plants
Pages 3587-3593
Pravin K. Naoghare, Ho Taik Kwon, Joon Myong Song
32. A new microdialysis-electrochemical device for in vivo simultaneous determination of acetylcholine and choline in rat brain treated with N-methyl-(R)-salsolinol
Pages 3594-3599
Wei Zhu, Yarui An, Jiaohong Zheng, Linlin Tang, Wen Zhang, Litong Jin, Lai Jiang
33. Single cell and neural process experimentation using laterally applied electrical fields between pairs of closely apposed microelectrodes with vertical sidewalls
Pages 3600-3607
Wesley C. Chang, David W. Sretavan
34. The development and in vitro characterisation of an intracellular nanosensor responsive to reactive oxygen species
Pages 3608-3614
James R. Henderson, David A. Fulton, Calum J. McNeil, Philip Manning
35. Silver salts of aromatic thiols applicable as core materials of molecular sensors operating via SERS and fluorescence
Pages 3615-3621
Kwan Kim, Yoon Mi Lee, Hyang Bong Lee, Kuan Soo Shin
36. Nano-bio-chips for high performance multiplexed protein detection: Determinations of cancer biomarkers in serum and saliva using quantum dot bioconjugate labels
Pages 3622-3629
Jesse V. Jokerst, Archana Raamanathan, Nicolaos Christodoulides, Pierre N. Floriano, Amanda A. Pollard, Glennon W. Simmons, Jorge Wong, Carole Gage, Wieslaw B. Furmaga, Spencer W. Redding, John T. McDevitt
37. Modeling and characterization of glucose-sensitive hydrogel: Effect of Young's modulus
Pages 3630-3636
Hua Li, Rongmo Luo
38. Single-cell trapping utilizing negative dielectrophoretic quadrupole and microwell electrodes
Pages 3637-3644
Ling-Sheng Jang, Pao-Hua Huang, Kung-Chieh Lan
39. Immobilization of bacteriophages on gold surfaces for the specific capture of pathogens
Pages 3645-3651
A. Singh, N. Glass, M. Tolba, L. Brovko, M. Griffiths, S. Evoy
40. Membrane-less cloth cathode assembly (CCA) for scalable microbial fuel cells
Pages 3652-3656
Li Zhuang, Shungui Zhou, Yueqiang Wang, Chengshuai Liu, Shu Geng
41. Simultaneous and sensitive determination of multiplex chemical residues based on multicolor quantum dot probe
Pages 3657-366
Chifang Peng, Zhuokun Li, Yinyue Zhu, Wei Chen, Yuan Yuan, Liqiang Liu, Qiusheng Li, Dinghua Xu, Ruirui Qiao, Libing Wang, Shuifang Zhu, Zhengyu Jin, Chuanlai Xu
42. Fabrication and characterization of a multiwell array SERS chip with biological applications
Pages 3663-3670
J.L. Abell, J.D. Driskell, R.A. Dluhy, R.A. Tripp, Y.-P. Zhao
43. Polycrystalline bismuth oxide films for development of amperometric biosensor for phenolic compounds
Pages 3671-3676
Dan Shan, Jing Zhang, Huai-Guo Xue, Yong-Cai Zhang, Serge Cosnier, Shou-Nian Ding
44. Three-dimensional focusing of red blood cells in microchannel flows for bio-sensing applications
Pages 3677-3682
Young Won Kim, Jung Yul Yoo
Short Communications
45. Poly(methyl metacrylate) conductive fiber optic transducers as dual biosensor platforms
Pages 3683-3687
Danit Atias, Khalil Abu-Rabeah, Sebastien Herrmann, Julia Frenkel, Dorith Tavor, Serge Cosnier, Robert S. Marks
46. Photonic crystal nanostructures for optical biosensing applications
Pages 3688-3692
D. Dorfner, T. Zabel, T. Hürlimann, N. Hauke, L. Frandsen, U. Rant, G. Abstreiter, J. Finley
47. Near infrared sensing based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer between Mn:CdTe quantum dots and Au nanorods
Pages 3693-3697
Guo-Xi Liang, Hong-Cheng Pan, Ye Li, Li-Ping Jiang, Jian-Rong Zhang, Jun-Jie Zhu
48. Improving phosphate buffer-free cathode performance of microbial fuel cell based on biological nitrification
Pages 3698-3701
Shi-Jie You, Nan-Qi Ren, Qing-Liang Zhao, Patrick D. Kiely, Jing-Yuan Wang, Feng-Lin Yang, Lei Fu, Luo Peng
49. Optical colorimetric sensor strip for direct readout glucose measurement
Pages 3702-3705
Xu-dong Wang, Hai-xu Chen, Ting-yao Zhou, Zhi-jie Lin, Jing-bin Zeng, Zhao-xiong Xie, Xi Chen, Kwok-yin Wong, Guo-nan Chen, Xiao-ru Wang
50. Glucose biosensor based on the room-temperature phosphorescence of TiO2/SiO2 nanocomposite
Pages 3706-3710
Yang Li, Xiaoyan Liu, Hongyan Yuan, Dan Xiao
51. Editorial Board
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