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      ISSN: 0956-5663  Vol./Iss.: 24, 3



Date: 15 November 2008


1. Inside Front Cover Editorial Board
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2. Towards on-site pathogen detection using antibody-based sensors
Pages 339-348
Peter Durand Skottrup, Mogens Nicolaisen and Annemarie Fejer Justesen
Regular papers
3. Hybridization biosensor using 2-nitroacridone as electrochemical indicator for detection of short DNA species of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
Pages 349-355
Jinghua Chen, Jing Zhang, Liying Huang, Xinhua Lin and Guonan Chen
4. Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis based on a film of horseradish peroxidase intercalated into Ni–Al layered double hydroxide nanosheets
Pages 356-361
Xu Chen, Chenglin Fu, Yi Wang, Wensheng Yang and David G. Evans
5. Novel 2,2′-[1,2-ethanediylbis(nitriloethylidyne)]-bis-hydroquinone double-wall carbon nanotube paste electrode for simultaneous determination of epinephrine, uric acid and folic acid
Pages 362-368
Hadi Beitollahi, Mohammad Mazloum Ardakani, Bahram Ganjipour and Hossein Naeimi
6. Real-time detection of Cu2+ sequestration and release by immobilized apo-metallothioneins using SECM combined with SPR
Pages 369-375
Yinling Xin, Yu Gao, Jun Guo, Qian Chen, Juan Xiang and Feimeng Zhou
7. Development of a fluorescent and colorimetric detection methods-based protein microarray for serodiagnosis of TORCH infections
Pages 376-382
Li Jiang, Zhangbin Yu, Weidong Du, Zuming Tang, Tao Jiang, Chunxiu Zhang and Zuhong Lu
8. Time-resolved Förster-resonance-energy-transfer DNA assay on an active CMOS microarray
Pages 383-390
David Eric Schwartz, Ping Gong and Kenneth L. Shepard
9. Carp vitellogenin detection by an optical waveguide lightmode spectroscopy biosensor
Pages 391-396
Namsoo Kim, Dong-Kyung Kim, Yong-Jin Cho, Dae-Kyung Moon and Woo-Yeon Kim
10. Microarray analysis of protein–protein interactions based on FRET using subnanosecond-resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging
Pages 397-402
Stefan Nagl, Reinhard Bauer, Ursula Sauer, Claudia Preininger, Udo Bogner and Michael Schaeferling
11. A new MSPQC for rapid growth and detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Pages 403-409
Jiali Ren, Fengjiao He, Songlin Yi and Xiaoying Cui
12. Development of a disposable glucose biosensor using electroless-plated Au/Ni/copper low electrical resistance electrodes
Pages 410-414
Seung-Ro Lee, Young-Tae Lee, Kazuaki Sawada, Hidekuni Takao and Makoto Ishida
13. Real-time monitoring of NO release from single cells using carbon fiber microdisk electrodes modified with single-walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 415-421
Fuying Du, Weihua Huang, Yinxiang Shi, Zongli Wang and Jieke Cheng
14. Electrochemical control of a DNA Holliday Junction nanoswitch by Mg2+ ions
Pages 422-428
E.E. Ferapontova, C.P. Mountford, J. Crain, A.H. Buck, P. Dickinson, J.S. Beattie, P. Ghazal, J.G. Terry, A.J. Walton and A.R. Mount
15. Enzymatically induced formation of neodymium hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles on the glucose oxidase/chitosan modified glass carbon electrode for the detection of glucose
Pages 429-434
Qinglin Sheng, Kai Luo, Jianbin Zheng and Hongfang Zhang
16. Biocompatible ion selective electrode for monitoring metabolic activity during the growth and cultivation of human cells
Pages 435-441
Anna Radomska, Suket Singhal, Hua Ye, Mayasari Lim, Athanasios Mantalaris, Xicai Yue, Emmanuel M. Drakakis, Christofer Toumazou and Anthony E.G. Cass
17. Highly ordered mesoporous carbons as electrode material for the construction of electrochemical dehydrogenase- and oxidase-based biosensors
Pages 442-447
Ming Zhou, Li Shang, Bingling Li, Lijian Huang and Shaojun Dong
18. Electrochemical investigations of the reaction mechanism and kinetics between NADH and redox-active (NC)2C6H3–NHOH/(NC)2C6H3–NO from 4-nitrophthalonitrile–(NC)2C6H3–NO2-modified electrode
Pages 448-454
Phabyanno Rodrigues Lima, Wilney de Jesus Rodrigues Santos, Adriano Bof de Oliveira, Marília Oliveira Fonseca Goulart and Lauro Tatsuo Kubota
19. An enzyme-chromogenic surface plasmon resonance biosensor probe for hydrogen peroxide determination using a modified Trinder's reagent
Pages 455-460
Hideaki Nakamura, Yotaro Mogi, Takuo Akimoto, Kiyoshi Naemura, Teru Kato, Kazuyoshi Yano and Isao Karube
20. Phage-based label-free biomolecule detection in an opto-fluidic ring resonator
Pages 461-466
Hongying Zhu, Ian M. White, Jonathan D. Suter and Xudong Fan
21. A new immunosensor for breast cancer cell detection using antibody-coated long alkylsilane self-assembled monolayers in a parallel plate flow chamber
Pages 467-474
Jean-Claude Ehrhart, Bernard Bennetau, Louis Renaud, Jean-Pierre Madrange, Laurent Thomas, Julie Morisot, Arnaud Brosseau, Sylvain Allano, Patrick Tauc and Phuong-Lan Tran
Short communications
22. Development of acetylcholinesterase biosensor based on CdTe quantum dots/gold nanoparticles modified chitosan microspheres interface
Pages 475-479
Dan Du, Shizhen Chen, Dandan Song, Haibing Li and Xi Chen
23. Mixed self-assembly of polydiacetylenes for highly specific and sensitive strip biosensors
Pages 480-484
Hyun Kyu Park, Sang J. Chung, Hyun Gyu Park, Jae-Hyoung Cho, Moonil Kim and Bong Hyun Chung
24. Integrating the QCM detection with magnetic separation for on-line analysis
Pages 485-488
Hweiyan Tsai, Yi Lin, Hung W. Chang and C. Bor Fuh
25. Urease–gelatin interdigitated microelectrodes for the conductometric determination of protease activity
Pages 489-492
Rodica E. Ionescu, Chrystelle Fillit, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault and Serge Cosnier
Synthetic Receptors
Regular papers
26. Synthetic peptides as artificial receptors towards proteins from genetically modified organisms
Pages 493-497
Cinzia Tozzi, Laura Anfossi, Claudio Baggiani, Cristina Giovannoli and Gianfranco Giraudi
27. Engineering sensitive glutathione transferase for the detection of xenobiotics
Pages 498-503
Panagiota Kapoli, Irene A. Axarli, Dimitris Platis, Maria Fragoulaki, Mark Paine, Janet Hemingway, John Vontas and Nikolaos E. Labrou
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