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Date: 15 May 2010


1. Editorial Board
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Regular Papers
2. A thionine-modified carbon paste amperometric biosensor for catechol and bisphenol A determination
Pages 2003-2008
M. Portaccio, D. Di Tuoro, F. Arduini, M. Lepore, D.G. Mita, N. Diano, L. Mita, D. Moscone
3. Electrospun hemoglobin microbelts based biosensor for sensitive detection of hydrogen peroxide and nitrite
Pages 2009-2015
Yu Ding, Ying Wang, Baikun Li, Yu Lei
4. Gold nanoparticles based sandwich electrochemical immunosensor
Pages 2016-2020
Gautham Kumar Ahirwal, Chanchal K. Mira
5. Dimeric gold nanoparticle assembly for detection and discrimination of single nucleotide mutation in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Pages 2021-2025
Wei Jie Qin, Onn Siong Yim, Poh San Lai, Lin-Yue Lanry Yung
6. An efficient non-mediated amperometric biosensor for nitrite determination
Pages 2026-2032
Célia M. Silveira, Sofia P. Gomes, Alberto N. Araújo, M. Conceição B.S.M. Montenegro, Smilja Todorovic, Ana S. Viana, Rui J.C. Silva, José J.G. Moura, M. Gabriela Almeida
7. Mushroom tyrosinase in polyelectrolyte multilayers as an optical biosensor for o-diphenols
Pages 2033-2037
Daniela Fiorentino, Anna Gallone, Daniela Fiocco, Gerardo Palazzo, Antonia Mallardi
8. Nanostructured rough gold electrodes for the development of lactate oxidase-based biosensors
Pages 2038-2044
M. Gamero, F. Pariente, E. Lorenzo, C. Alonso
9. A photoelectrochemical sensor based on CdS-polyamidoamine nano-composite film for cell capture and detection
Pages 2045-2050
Zheng Qian, Hai-Jing Bai, Guang-Li Wang, Jing-Juan Xu, Hong-Yuan Chen
10. GMR biosensor arrays: A system perspective
Pages 2051-2057
D.A. Hall, R.S. Gaster, T. Lin, S.J. Osterfeld, S. Han, B. Murmann, S.X. Wang
11. A disposable microfluidic biochip with on-chip molecularly imprinted biosensors for optical detection of anesthetic propofol
Pages 2058-2064
Chien-Chong Hong, Po-Hsiang Chang, Chih-Chung Lin, Chian-Lang Hong
12. A novel enzyme biosensor for glucose based on rhodanine derivative chemiluminescence system and mesoporous hollow silica microspheres receptor
Pages 2065-2070
Jinghua Yu, Lei Ge, Ping Dai, Shenguang Ge, Shiquan Liu
13. Ultrasensitive electrical biosensing of syphilis DNA using target-guided formation of polyaniline based on enzyme-catalyzed polymerization
Pages 2071-2077
Qinglin Sheng, Jian Wang, Jianbin Zheng, Ziqin Xu, Hongfang Zhang
14. Ultra-sensitive detection of cysteine by gold nanorod assembly
Pages 2078-2083
Haowen Huang, Xuanyong Liu, Tao Hu, Paul K. Chu
15. Gold nanoparticles modified electrode via a mercapto-diazoaminobenzene monolayer and its development in DNA electrochemical biosensor
Pages 2084-2088
Feng Li, Yan Feng, Pingjun Dong, Bo Tang
16. A chronocoulometric DNA sensor based on screen-printed electrode doped with ionic liquid and polyaniline nanotubes
Pages 2089-2094
Rui Ren, Cuicui Leng, Shusheng Zhang
17. Ultrasensitive detection of non-amplified genomic DNA by nanoparticle-enhanced surface plasmon resonance imaging
Pages 2095-2100
Roberta D’Agata, Roberto Corradini, Cristina Ferretti, Laura Zanoli, Marcello Gatti, Rosangela Marchelli, Giuseppe Spoto
18. A sensitive ligase-based ATP electrochemical assay using molecular beacon-like DNA
Pages 2101-2106
Yonghong Wang, Xiaoxiao He, Kemin Wang, Xiaoqi Ni
19. Nonlinear dielectric spectroscopy for label-free detection of respiratory activity in whole cells
Pages 2107-2114
G.T. Skip Mercier, Akilan Palanisami, John H. Miller Jr.
20. Electrochemical biosensor microarray functionalized by means of biomolecule friendly photolithography
Pages 2115-2121
Mònica Mir, Srujan Kumar Dondapati, Maria Viviana Duarte, Margarita Chatzichristidi, Konstantinos Misiakos, Panagiota Petrou, Sotirios E. Kakabakos, Panagiotis Argitis, Ioanis Katakis
21. Strip-based immunoassay for rapid detection of thiabendazole
Pages 2122-2128
Martina Blažková, Pavel Rauch, Ladislav Fukal
22. Ternary mixed monolayers for simultaneous DNA orientation control and surface passivation for label free DNA hybridization electrochemical sensing
Pages 2129-2134
V. Dharuman, B.-Y. Chang, S.-M. Park, J.H. Hahn
23. Gold nanoparticle-based colorimetric assay of single-nucleotide polymorphism of triplex DNA
Pages 2135-2139
Xiaoli Zhu, Yuexing Liu, Jinghua Yang, Zhiqiang Liang, Genxi Li
24. Imprinted polymer–carbon consolidated composite fiber sensor for substrate-selective electrochemical sensing of folic acid
Pages 2140-2148
Bhim Bali Prasad, Rashmi Madhuri, Mahavir Prasad Tiwari, Piyush Sindhu Sharma
25. Synthesis of controlled polymeric cross-linked coatings via iniferter polymerisation in the presence of tetraethyl thiuram disulphide chain terminator
Pages 2149-2155
A. Bossi, M.J. Whitcombe, Y. Uludag, S. Fowler, I. Chianella, S. Subrahmanyam, I. Sanchez, S.A. Piletsky
26. A microbial fuel cell as power supply for implantable medical devices
Pages 2156-2160
Yufeng Han, Chaoling Yu, Hong Liu
27. Detection of hybridization of single-strand DNA PCR products in temperature change process by a novel metal-clamping piezoelectric sensor
Pages 2161-2166
Qinghai Chen, Zhiheng Bian, Xing Hua, Chunyan Yao, Wei Wu, Xue Zhang, Bo Zhang, Junfu Huang, Wanli Tang, Weiling Fu
Short Communications
28. The study of electrochemically active microbial biofilms on different carbon-based anode materials in microbial fuel cells
Pages 2167-2171
Ying Liu, Falk Harnisch, Katja Fricke, Uwe Schröder, Victor Climent, Juan Miguel Feliu
29. Rapid, multistep on-chip DNA hybridisation in continuous flow on magnetic particles
Pages 2172-2176
Martin Vojtíšek, Alexander Iles, Nicole Pamme
30. GMR biosensor arrays: Correction techniques for reproducibility and enhanced sensitivity
Pages 2177-2181
D.A. Hall, R.S. Gaster, S.J. Osterfeld, B. Murmann, S.X. Wang
31. Gold nanoparticle embedded silicon nanowire biosensor for applications of label-free DNA detection
Pages 2182-2185
Seong-Wan Ryu, Chang-Hoon Kim, Jin-Woo Han, Chung-Jin Kim, Cheulhee Jung, Hyun Gyu Park, Yang-Kyu Choi
Book Reviews
32. R. Baronas, F. Ivanauskas and J. Kulys, Mathematical Modeling of Biosensors , Springer (2010) ISSN: 1612-7617, ISBN: 978-90-481r-r3242-3, 334 pp. $159.
Pages 2186-2187
D. Britz
33. Jiri Janata, Principles of Chemical Sensors , Springer (2009) 340 pp., Hardcover, ISBN: 0387699309, ISBN-13: 9780387699301, 978-0387699301, English.
Page 2188
Xian-En Zhang
34. Editorial Board
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