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  Title: Beyond Europe

  Author: Dan Mihai Ştefănescu

  Publisher: IFSA Publishing, S.L.

  Formats: paperback (print book), Acrobat (pdf), ePub and fb2, 476 pages

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  Pubdate: 30 April 2020

  ISBN: 978-84-09-18152-0

  e-ISBN: 978-84-09-18153-7



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Book Description



‘Beyond Europe’ contains a text rich in information and accompanied by spectacular images, offering a natural and inedited discourse on author's business trips in exotic lands from Asia, Americas, Africa and Oceania.


This journey agenda and, at the same time, intimate series of reports reflects the author’s impressions in his contacts with cultural environments much different from Europe, narrated in a fresh, ingenious, original and humorous style.


In a multidisciplinary spirit, his book is full of historical, geographical, religious and economic information, presented with an unusual ability and easiness. Therefore, the reader feels like a direct participant in the world’s and life’s spectacle, as it develops at thousands of miles far from Europe.


The book will be useful for all who like to travel and travelling for business trips (conferences, symposiums, workshops, exhibitions, etc.) as well as for conferences organizers.







1.   Houston, Texas, USA
2.   Beijing, China
3.   Japan
4.   South Korea 1: Seoul and Daejeon
5.   Shanghai, China
6.   Taiwan
7.   Sydney, Australia
8.   Egypt + Malaysia
9.   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10. Israel
11. Mexico
12. Tunisia
13. South Korea 2: Jeju Island and Busan
14. India
15. New Zealand
16. South Africa
17. United Arab Emirates: Dubai, my love, Dubai
18. Advices and Tips for Authors of Illustrated Travel Reports

Annex 1. Dan with the world’s children
Annex 2. Beauties of the world we live in
Annex 3. Flights Map



About Author:


Dan Mihai Ştefănescu was born in Bucharest on 6 April 1946, received BS (1969) in Applied Electronics, MS (1983) in Experimental Stress Analysis and PhD cum laude (1999) in Electrical Engineering, all from the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest. He worked as Senior Researcher in Measurement Techniques with the National Institute for Aerospace Research in Bucharest (1969-1979 and 1992-2003) and Senior Engineer in Material Testing with “Politehnica” University of Bucharest (1980-1991). He completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship (NATO grant) on Knowledge-based Intelligent Systems for Selecting Industrial Sensors at Twente University of Enschede, The Netherlands (2002), and was a Visiting Scientist at Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science, conducting a project on Force Transducers Optimization by Numerical Methods (2004) and then at Center for Measurement Standards in Taiwan, R.O.C., leading a project and registering a patent on Improved Portable Truck Scales (2005). Presently, he is Senior Scientist with the Romanian Measurement Society. His current research interests are: electrical measurement of mechanical quantities, material testing equipment and metrological procedures for multicomponent transducers. He delivered 46 conferences and published 4 books, 2 book chapters and 192 peer-reviewed papers in Romania and other 40 countries on all continents (except Antarctica). His most important book is “Springer Handbook of Force Transducers – Principles and Components” (2011 – having 642 pages, 47 tables, 403 illustrations, amongst them 236 are coloured). He is a recipient of Romanian Academy Award “Aurel Vlaicu” (1991) for the book “Strain Gauge Measurement of Mechanical Quantities”. He is member of the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (1987) and Romanian representative (starting with 1988) as well as member of the General Council of IMEKO – International Measurement Confederation (2015).

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