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  Title: Biomimetic Sensor Technology

  Author: Kiyoshi Toko

  Publisher: Cambridge University Press

  Paperback: 221 pages

  Pubdate: 22 August 2005

  ISBN: 0521017688



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Book Description



Biomimetic sensor technology is based on the use of biomaterials and information processing of a type used in biological systems. This book explores biomimetic sensors that can quantify taste--the electronic tongue--and smell, the electronic nose. The development of these sensors contribute to our understanding of the reception mechanisms in gustatory and olfactory systems. The author, a pioneer in the development of this new technology, begins by describing the principles of measurement and multivariate analysis. He details reception mechanisms in biological systems and several types of biosensors, including enzyme-immobilized membranes, SPR, the quartz resonance oscillator and IC technologies. Dedicated to the development of intelligent sensors and systems, this original volume is an essential resource for engineers working in this vital research area.



Editorial Reviews


Biomimetic Sensor Technology will be of interest to researchers in food science, biochemistry, biophysics, medical science, biotechnology and electronic and mechanical engineering." Sensor Review "This book is recommended to researchers in the field of electronic noses and tongues. Part of it could also be useful for introducing postgraduate students to the biomimetic approach in sensor technology." Measurement Science and Technology "the book is an excellent way of getting up to speed in biominetic sensors and a useful indication of what will soon or may already be, possible applications of them." IEE Reviews July 2001 "In general one can recommend this book to all people, in particular non-specialists, who are interested in the feild of food testing by means of chemical sensor tevhnology. In particular, scientists who want to enter the field of taste sensing should read this book." Sensor and Material 2001 "This is a useful book on the subjects the material is accessible, the depth of prior knowledge of chemistry/biology of comparable discrimination required is small and the style and presentation are pleasing. A good way to "get into" the subject of biomimetics." Measurement + Control June 2001.

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