bullet  Cyber-Physical Systems and Metrology 4.0

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  Title: Cyber-Physical Systems and Metrology 4.0

  Editors: S. Yatsyshyn and B. Stadnyk

  Publisher: International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Publishing, S. L.

  Formats: hardcover (print book) and printable pdf Acrobat (e-book), 332 pages

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  Pubdate: 29 January 2021

  ISBN: 978-84-09-26899-3

  e-ISBN: 978-84-09-26898-6


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 Book Description


The Cyber-Physical Systems and Metrology 4.0 is written by 30 authors whose scientific achievements for the last five years cover a significant information technology and measurement science segments.


The purpose of this book is to present and consider the main trends in the field of metrology of Cyber-Physical Systems, which are becoming a key element of everyday life. At the first, the book is intended for engineers, lecturers, students, persons who are not acquainted enough with the specificity of Cyber-Physical Systems and their Metrology, but are interested in it. The authors have highlighted the emergence and development of these systems, combined with the study of their metrology maintenance.









List of Abbreviations



1. Measuring Instruments for Cyber-Physical Systems

1.1. Smart Sensors and Their Grids
1.2. Verification of Measuring Instruments and Their Software
1.3. Conclusions


2. Standards of Physical Quantities and Other Measuring Instruments

2.1. Standards of Physical Values Based on Fundamental Constants of Matter
2.2. Traditional Standards of Physical Quantities
2.3. ITS-90 and Temperature Fixed Points. Elaboration of Fixed-Point Assembly
2.4. Conclusions


3. Nanothermodynamics and Nanometrology

3.1. Thermodynamics and Metrology 4.0
3.2. Nanothermodynamics and Nanothermometry. Resistance Thermometers with Nanostructured Thermosensitive Substance
3.3. Nanothermodynamics and Nanothermometry. Liquid-in-Tube Nanothermometers
3.4. Frequency Strain Gauge Development
3.5. Conclusions


4. Metrology 4.0 and Standardization for Agricultural Cyber-Physical Systems

4.1. Cyber-Physical System as a Tool of Monitoring, Control, and Management
4.2. Cyber-Physical System for Greenhouse Operation
4.3. Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
4.4. Dielectric Moisture-Metry of Bulk Materials
4.5. Conclusions


5. Metrology 4.0 for Health-Care and Human Being Identification

5.1. Biometrics
5.2. Rehabilitation Virtual Cyber-Physical System Based on Heart Rate
5.3. Conclusions


6. Studies of Metrological Characteristics of Measuring Instruments

6.1. Stability of Metrological Characteristics of the Measures of Electrical Quantities Based on Electric Noise Investigation
6.2. Dependence of Results Dispersion on Duration of Measurement Including Intervals Between Them
6.3. Operational Monitoring of Metrological Characteristics of Measuring Instruments
6.4. Metrological Support for Gamma-Ray Measuring Instruments
6.5. Conclusions





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