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  Title: Mems/Nems Handbook: Techniques and Applications (1), Design Methods(2), Fabrication Techniques (3), Manufacturing Methods(4),

           Sensors & Actuators(5), Medical Applications and MOEMS

  Author: Cornelius T. Leondes (Editor)

  Publisher: Springer

  Hardcove: 2 050 pages in 5 volumes

  Pubdate: 1 January 2006

  ISBN: 0387245200



MEMS/NEMS Handbook's cover

Book Description


As miniaturization, batch fabrication, and integrated electronics rapidly enable the development of a broad range of smart products, MEMs, MEOMS, and NEMS are creating enormous opportunities for commerce and functionality. This significant and uniquely comprehensive five-volume reference is a valuable source for research workers, practitioners, computer scientists, students, and technologists. The MEMS/NEMS HANDBOOK (Microelectromechanical Systems/ Nanoelectromechanical Systems) covers all of the major topics within the subject including design methods, fabrication techniques, manufacturing methods, sensors and actuators, and Micro Optical Electro Mechanical Systems. The many applications of MEMS technology include computer devices, electronics, instrumentation, industrial process control, biotechnology, medicine, chemical systems, office equipment, and communications. More than 100 coauthors from nearly 20 countries present clearly written, self-contained, accessible and comprehensive contributions with helpful standard features including an introduction, summary, extensive figures and design examples with comprehensive reference lists. The remarkable breadth and depth of the topics spanning this diverse field require the 5-volume extent of this notable reference resource that is based on the work of an internationally recognized board of coauthors.



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