bullet MEMS: A Practical Guide of Design, Analysis, and Applications



  Title: MEMS : A Practical Guide of Design, Analysis, and Applications

  Authors: by Jan Korvink, Oliver Paul

  Publisher: Springer

  Hardcove: 900 pages

  Pubdate: April 2006

  ISBN: 3540211179



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While the first generation of MEMS books comprehensively cover fabrication techniques, a lack of industry standards has created a void of books providing cohesive guidance on the design and analysis of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) across their wide range of innovative and varied applications. This book is the first to fill the void with 18 chapters written by leading experts worldwide covering topics such as transducer operations, topology simulation, and modeling, free-space microsystems, interface circuitry, magnetic, mechanical, chemical, thermal, and fluid microsensors, biomedical microsystems, integrated micro-optics, microactuators, and micromachining. The chapters address issues of alternative designs, reliability, performance, production, packaging, and cost effectiveness in the context of appropriate applications including automotive, biomedical, consumer, building, and industrial products.



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