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  Title: Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors

  Authors: Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh and Benjamin Fry

  Publisher: Springer

  Hardcover: 492 pages

  Pubdate: 31 October 2007

  ISBN: 0387324739






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Nanotechnology provides us with tools to create functional materials, devices, and systems by controlling materials at the atomic and molecular scales by making use of novel properties and phenomena. Considering that most chemical and biological sensors, as well as many physical sensors, depend on interactions occurring within the nanoscale range, the impact that nanotechnology will have on the sensor world is significant.


Nanotechnology-enabled sensors find applications in several fields such as health and safety, medicine, process control and diagnostics. Nanostructured materials will be increasingly used for the development of next-generation of chemical, physical and biosensors, attracting interests in the scientific and industrial communications. This book provides the reader with information on how nanotechnology enabled sensors are currently being used and how they will be used in the future in such diverse fields as communications, building and facilities, medicine, safety, and security, including both homeland defense and military operations.


Writing for material scientists, electrical engineers, physicists chemists and biologists involved in nanotechnology and sensors research and applied technology.


Nanotechnology-Embedded Sensors should be very useful for both: researches as well as final year graduate and post graduate students who are either make fist steps in this multidisciplinary emerging area, or those already conducting research and development because of this book is a good reference to improve significantly their knowledge in nanotechnology-enabled sensors.


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