bullet Novel Sensors and Sensing (Series in Sensors)



  Title: Novel Sensors and Sensing

  Author: R. G. Jackson

  Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing

  Hardcover: 299 pages

  Pubdate: September 30, 2004

  ISBN: 075030989X



Novel Sensors and Sensing

Editorial Reviews



Over the last twenty years there has been tremendous growth in the research and development of sensors and sensor signal processing methods. Advances in materials and fabrication techniques have led to a departure from traditional sensor types and the development of novel sensing techniques and devices, many of which are now finding favour in industry.


Novel Sensors and Sensing provides an introduction to modern sensor types and sensor signal processing methods, with emphasis placed on the underlying physics and description of the generic operating principles involved. It includes a review of the fundamentals of measurement and instrumentation, and covers the principle types of modern sensor resonator, semiconductor based and optical fibre (including an overview of optical propagation and transmission.) The final chapter of the book is devoted to flow measurement, an area which has benefited greatly from the developments in novel sensing devices and techniques.


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