bullet  Adaptive Structural Systems with Piezoelectric Transducer Circuitry


  Title: Adaptive Structural Systems with Piezoelectric Transducer Circuitry

  Authors: Kon-Well Wang, Jiong Tang

  Publisher: Springer

  Paperback: 298 pages

  Pubdate: 5 November 2010

  ISBN: 1441946233



Adaptive Structural Systems with Piezoelectric Transducer Circuitry book's cover


Book Description





Adaptive Structural Systems with Piezoelectric Transducer Circuitry provides a comprehensive discussion on the integration of piezoelectric transducers with electrical circuitry for the development and enhancement of adaptive structural systems.


Covering a wide range of interdisciplinary research, this monograph presents a paradigm of taking full advantage of the two-way electro-mechanical coupling characteristics of piezoelectric transducers for structural control and identification in adaptive structural systems. Presenting descriptions of algorithm development, theoretical analysis and experimental investigation, engineers and researchers alike will find this a valuable reference.


Keywords: active structural vibration - active-passive piezoelectric circuits - actuation system enhancement - damage detection enhancement - health monitoring - nonlinear control - nonlinearity compensation - piezoelectric networks - smart structures - structural control - structural damage - vibration control.





Table of Contents

  • Background and Introduction

  • Open-Loop Comparison and Enhancement of Active-Passive Piezoelectric Circuitry

  • Closed-Loop Synthesis for Active-Passive Structural Modal Control and Damping

  • Active-Passive Adaptive Design for Frequency-Varying Narrowband Disturbance Rejection

  • Nonlinear High-Precision Robust Control with Hysteresis Compensation

  • Active Vibration Confinement Enhancement

  • Delocalization and Suppression of Vibration in Periodic Structures

  • Structural Damage Identification Enhancement

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