bullet Sensors and Actuators in Mechatronics



  Title: Sensors and Actuators in Mechatronics

  Author: Andrzej M. Pawlak

  Publisher: CRC

  Hardcove: 408 pages

  Pubdate: 28 July 2006

  ISBN: 0849390133



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This work focuses on various components that receive less attention in the available literature, such as magnetic sensors, linear and latching solenoid actuators, stepper motors, rotary actuators, and other special magnetic devices including magnetic valves and heart pumps. Each chapter follows a consistent format, working from theory to design, applications, and numerical problems and solutions, along examples to illustrate the discussion. Although the crux of the coverage resides in design and applications, the author also discusses optimization and testing, introduces magnetic materials, and shares his enlightened perspective on the social and business aspects of developing world-class technologies.



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