bullet Sensors in Household Appliances (Sensors Applications Vol. 5)



  Title: Senors in Household Applications

  Editors: G. Tschulena, SGT Sensorberatung, Wehrheim, Germany; A. Lahrmann, Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin

  Publisher: Wiley-VCH

  Pubdate: January 24, 2003

  ISBN: 3527303626



Senors in Household Applications

Although sensors have been used in household appliances for decades, they have gone mostly unnoticed by the users. In recent times, however, the importance of sensors has grown significantly due to increasing automation and more use of microelectronics, both of which require more sensors. Parallel to this development, the capabilities of sensors are increasing and their prices are shrinking. These factors are the argument for presenting this new book.


It begins with market data of the household appliance industry, followed by the description of the larger application areas for sensors and measurement systems in washing machines and for the washing process, followed by combustion processes in heating stations, and by small appliances like infrared ear thermometers. Selected types of sensors are explained, such as temperature sensors for the kitchen, Reed switches as magnetic sensors for limit detection, and gas sensors and their use, UV sensors, positions sensors and pressure sensors. The expected technical developments of the next decade are sketched and analyzed regarding an increased utilization of different sensors.


Technicians, scientists, engineers and developers will find useful information on the application of modern sensors as the key for improvements in household processes like in washing and cooking, for increasing the efficiency of machines and devices, for increasing safety, security and user comfort in combination with reduction of energy, water or detergent consumption. The book also looks at the customer appeal of advanced appliances, showing the heightened need for compre-hensive information on their potentials and limitations.


Taken as a whole, the Sensors Applications series covers all major fields of application for commercial sensors, as well as their manu-facturing techniques and major types. As such the series does not treat bulk sensors, but rather places strong emphasis on advanced microsensors, micro-systems and integrated electronic sensor packages. Each of the individual volumes is tailored to the needs and queries of readers from the relevant branch of industry.

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