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  Title: Smart MEMS and Sensor Systems

  Authors: Elena Gaura, Robert Newman, Michael Kraft (Contributor), Andrew Flewitt (Contributor), Davies William de Lima Monteiro (Contributor)

  Publisher: Imperial College Press

  Hardcove: 539 pages

  Pubdate: 30 October 2006

  ISBN: 1860944930



Smart MEMS and Sensor Systems book's cover

Book Description


In recent years, MEMS have revolutionized the semiconductor industry, with sensors being a particularly buoyant sector. Smart MEMS and Sensor Systems presents readers with the means to understand, evaluate, appreciate and participate in the development of the field, from a unique systems perspective.

The combination of MEMS and integrated intelligence has been put forward as a disruptive technology. The full potential of this technology is only evident when it is used to construct very large pervasive sensing systems. 


The book explores the many different technologies needed to build such systems and integrates knowledge from three different domains: MEMS technology, sensor system electronics and pervasive computing science.


Throughout the book a top-down design perspective is taken, be it for the development of a single smart sensor or that of adaptive ad-hoc networks of millions of sensors.


For experts in any of the domains named above the book provides the context for their MEMS based design work and an understanding of the role the other domains play. For the generalist (either in engineering or computing) or the technology manager the underpinning knowledge is provided, which can inform specialist decision making.



  • Introduction: Markets and Applications (R M Newman et al.);

  • Micromachining Technologies: Past, Present and Future Trends (A Flewitt);

  • MEMS Sensor Interface Technology (R Newman & E Gaura); MEMS and Microsensors: Integration (A Flewitt); 

  • Digital/Feedback Control for Microsensors (Sigma–Delta Modulator Techniques & Others) (M Kraft);

  • Case Study — Adaptive Optics and Smart VLSI/MEMS Systems (D de Lima); Advanced Microsystems — Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Microsensors (E Gaura); Advanced Sensor Systems (R Newman);

  • Networked Sensor Systems; Smart MEMS and Sensor Systems.




Graduate students on courses in sensing, instrumentation, VLSI, and MEMS technology; researchers and academics dealing with smart sensor systems; practitioners who need to understand and apply the technology effectively.



Key Features

  • Provides a unique systems perspective on established MEMS sensor design techniques

  • Presents state-of-the-art developments through surveys and original research by the authors

  • Introduces new ideas for future designs of intelligent and cogent/autonomous sensors and sensor networks

  • Has a good balance of technology/fabrication processes vs signal processing and concept- level discussion

  • Aims at the multidisciplinary community involved in designing, producing and using MEMS sensors



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