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  Title: Smart Sensors and MEMS

  Author: Sergey Y. Yurish (Editor), Maria Teresa S.R. Gomes (Editor)

  Publisher: Springer Verlag

  Hardcover: 480 pages

  Pubdate: January, 2005

  ISBN: 1402029276



Smart Sensors and MEMS book cover

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The book 'Smart Sensors and MEMS' provides an unique collection of contributions on latest achievements in sensors area and technologies that have made by eleven internationally recognized leading experts from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine and USA during the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal, from 8 to 19 September 2003. The aims of this volume are to disseminate wider and in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about smart sensors and its applications, to create a clear consciousness about the effectiveness of MEMS technologies, advanced signal processing and conversion methods, to stimulate the theoretical and applied research in these areas, and promote the practical using of these techniques in the industry. With that in mind, a broad range of physical, chemical and biosensors design principles, technologies and applications were included in the book.


It is a first attempt to describe in the same book different physical, chemical, biological sensors and MEMS technologies suitable for smart sensors creation. The book presents the state-of-the-art and gives an excellent opportunity to provide a systematic, in-depth treatment of the new and rapidly developing field of smart sensors and MEMS.


The volume is an excellent guide for practicing engineers, researchers and students interested in this crucial aspect of actual smart sensor design.



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Chapter 1. Smart Sensors for Electrical and Non-electrical, Physical and Chemical Variables: State-of-the-art

Sergey Y. Yurish


Chapter 2. Novel Conversion Methods for Self-Adaptive Smart Sensors

Sergey Y. Yurish and Nikolay V. Kirianaki


Chapter 3. Resonant Piezoelectric Devices as Physical and Biochemical Sensors

Fabien Josse and Richard W. Cernosek


Chapter 4. Acoustic-Wave Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Sensors Based on PZT Thick Films

Vittorio Ferrari


Chapter 5. Wireless Passive SAW Identification Marks and Sensors

Elke Mackensen and Leonhard Reindl


Chapter 6. Precise Vectorial Magnetic Sensors

Pavel Ripka


Chapter 7. Micro-Hall Magnetic Sensors: Physics, Technologies and Applications

Radivoje S. Popovic, Giovanni Boero, and Pierre-Andre Besse


Chapter 8. Modern Silicon-based MEMS Technology

Ulrich Mescheder


Chapter 9. Porous Silicon: Technology and Applications for Micromachining and MEMS

Ulrich Mescheder


Chapter 10. Thermal Design of Microelectronics Systems

Dmytro Fedasyuk and Volodymyr Makar


Chapter 11. Chemical and Biological Sensors Based on Microcantilevers

P.G. Datskos, N.V. Lavrik and M. J. Sepaniak


Chapter 12. Uncooled Infrared MEMS Detectors

P.G. Datskos, N.V. Lavrik


Chapter 13. Bulk Acoustic Wave Sensors in Chemical Analysis

Maria Teresa S. R. Gomes


Chapter 14. Electronic Biosensors Based on Biomaterial-Nanoparticle Hybrid Systems

Eugenii Katz






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