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Process Measurement and Analysis book's cover

ISBN: 0849310830

Title: Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Volume 1, Fourth Edition: Process Measurement and Analysis

Author: Bela G. Liptak

Publisher: CRC Press; 4th edition

Pubdate: June 25, 2003

Binding: Hardcover, 1824 pages

Price $US 159.95

Measurement Systems book's cover

ISBN: 007243886X

Title: Measurement Systems: Application and Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Author: Ernest O. Doebelin

Publisher: McGraw Hill College Div.

Pubdate: May 2003

Binding: Hardcover, 768 pages

Price $US 138.45

Process Software and Digital Networks book's cover

ISBN: 0849310822

Title: Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Third Edition: Process Software and Digital Networks

Author: Bela G. Liptak

Publisher: CRC Press; 3rd edition

Pubdate: June 26, 2002

Binding: Hardcover, 912 pages

Price $US 159.95

Measurement and Control Basics book's cover

ISBN: 155617764X

Title: Measurement and Control Basics

Author: Thomas A. Hughes

Publisher: ISA - The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society; 3rd edition

Pubdate: January 2002

Binding: Hardcover, 372 pages

Price $US 89.00

Practical Temperature Measurement book's cover

ISBN: 075065080X

Title: Practical Temperature Measurement

Author: Peter R. N. Childs

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann; 1st edition

Pubdate: November 14, 2001

Binding: Hardcover, 384 pages

Price $US 95.00

Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement book's cover

ISBN: 047139484X

Title: Wiley Survey of Instrumentation and Measurement

Author: Stephen A. Dyer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; 1 edition

Pubdate: June 11, 2001

Binding: Hardcover, 1112 pages

Price $US 155.24

Flow Measurement book's cover

ISBN: 1556177364

TitleFlow Measurement: Practical Guides for Measurement and Control

Author: David W. Spitzer (Editor)

Publisher: ISA

Pubdate: April 2001

Binding: Hardcover, 828 pages

Price$US 155.00

Nanopositioning book's cover

ISBN: 0953065804

Title The Nanopositioning Book. Moving and Measuring to Better than a Nanometre

Authors: Thomas R. Hicks, Paul Atherton

Publisher: Penton Press; 1st edition

Pubdate: November 10, 2000

Binding Hardcover, 128 pages

Price: $US 75.00


 The 2000 World Market Forecasts book's cover

ISBN: B00005S8UA

Title: The 2000 World Market Forecasts for Imported Electrical Measuring, Checking, and Analyzing Instruments


Publisher: ICON Group Ltd.

Pubdate: November 2000

Binding: E-book, PDF,184 p.

Price $US 325.00

Measurement Systems and Sensors

ISBN: 1580539459

Title: Measurement Systems And Sensors

Author: Nawrocki W.

Publisher: Artech House Publishers

Pubdate: February 28, 2005

Binding: Hardcover

Price $US 95.00


Industrial Instrumentation books' cover

ISBN: 1852332085

Title: Industrial Instrumentation: Principles and Design

Author: Tattamangalam R. Padmanabhan

Publisher: Springer Verlag; 1st edition

Pubdate: May 15, 2000

Binding: Hardcover, 643 pages

Price $US 131.00

Mechanical Variables Measurement book's cover

ISBN: 0849300479

Title: Mechanical Variables Measurement - Solid, Fluid, and Thermal

Author: John G. Webster

Publisher: CRC Press

Pubdate: December 28, 1999

Binding: Hardcover, 664 pages

Price $US 89.95



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