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Biosensors for Monitoring Complex Ionizing Radiation

(This project has been supported through the new NATO Security Through Science Programme) 


Five research teams from Italy, Russia, Poland and Bulgaria are collaborating on making an optical biosensor which will be able to monitor the effect of ionizing radiation on the human body. A biosensor is a device incorporating a biological element which can detect physiological change or the presence of chemical or biological agents in the environment. Successful development of optical biosensors would overcome size and cost problems associated with current biosensors used in research, and open them up to the mass market. The Italian co-director of this project first began her research in this promising field of optical biosensors with a linkage grant from NATO in 1995-1997, which then led to contacts with others working in the field and to investigation of further uses for the technology. The current grant will assist collaboration with Russian experts in radiation who were in charge of determining complex ionizing radiation in the MIR Space Station. As well as Russia and Italy, research groups in Poland and Bulgaria will contribute their different areas of expertise to the project.



Project Coordinators: 


Maria Teresa Giardi (Italy)

Vyacheslav Shurshakov and Serge Druzhinin (Russia) 

Halina Gabrys (Poland)

Katya Georgieva (Bulgaria)




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