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Electrochemical Biosensors for Food and Feeds Analysis and Control

(CORDIS focus, No. 43, June 2003)


An Italian university established a group devoted to research and teaching activities. Its main activity is the development and construction of electrochemical sensors, biosensors and immunosensors for food quality and safety control. Its main advantages are the measurement in loco and in real time with portable instrumentation. These procedures are suitable for screening methods of analysis.


Collaboration sought are technical co-operation and financial resource. The development of electrochemical biosensors and immunosensors is a growing research line all over the world with many research groups working and several ED projects approved. The technology proposed is based on the production and assembly of screen-printed probes to be used in loco with inexpensive instrumentation to detect metabolites and contaminants in food products. Sensors for glucose, lactate, fructose, biogenic amines, glutamate, malate, glycerol, lactose, lactulose have been developed and used for monitoring food processing. Sensors for pesticides (organophosphorus and carbamate), sensors for toxins as aflatoxin in milk, seafood toxins in clams and ocratoxin in wine can be used to analyze these compounds for food freshness and safety. Sensors with analytic characteristics suitable to be applied in real samples can be developed.


Main Advantages:

  • mass production;

  • low cost, coupling with portable and cost-effective instrumentation;

  • suitability for analysis in the field in real time.

Promoted by Innovation Relay Centres (IRQ Network)


Potential market applications: Agricultural chemicals; Animal, plant breeding; Farming; Fishing industry, fish farming; Laboratory equipment; Forest management; Health monitoring, care; Instruments, measuring equipment.


Collaboration sought: Financial support; Information, Exchange/Training; Other


ROSSI, Gianluca (Dr)

APRE - Agenzia Per La Promozione

Delia Ricerca Europea

Palazzo Italia Piazza Guglieimo

Marconi 25, 1-00144 Roma

Tel: +39-06-5911817


E-mail: rossi@apre.it



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