ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 103, 1-2


Date : 29-Sep-2004


The 17th Euopean Conference on Solid-State Transducers, University of Minho, Guimares, Portugal, September 21-24, 2003

Carbon dioxide/methane gas sensor based on the permselectivity of polymeric membranes for biogas monitoring
Pages 2-6
R. Rego and A. Mendes
Naphthalene detection by a bioluminescence sensor applied to wastewater samples
Pages 7-12
E. Valdman, F. Battaglini, S. G. F. Leite and B. Valdman
Gas-sensing characteristics of one-electrode gas sensors based on doped In2O3 ceramics
Pages 13-22
G. Korotcenkov, I. Boris, V. Brinzari, V. Golovanov, Yu. Lychkovsky, G. Karkotsky, A. Cornet, E. Rossinyol, J. Rodrigue and A. Cirera
Sputtered and screen-printed metal oxide-based integrated micro-sensor arrays for the quantitative analysis of gas mixtures
Pages 23-30
M. Stankova, P. Ivanov, E. Llobet, J. Brezmes, X. Vilanova, I. Grŕcia, C. Cané, J. Hubalek, K. Malysz and X. Correig
All-digital interface ASIC for a QCM-based electronic nose
Pages 31-36
J.M. Beeley, C. Mills, P.A. Hammond, A. Glidle, J.M. Cooper, L. Wang and D.R.S. Cumming
The development of scalable sensor arrays using standard CMOS technology
Pages 37-42
M. J. Milgrew, P. A. Hammond and D. R. S. Cumming
Optimized CMOS photodetector structures for the detection of green luminescent probes in biological applications
Pages 43-49
R. A. Yotter, M. R. Warren and D. M. Wilson
Evidence of bandbending flattening in 10 nm polycrystalline SnO2
Pages 50-54
C. Malagů, M. C. Carotta, S. Galliera, V. Guidi, T. G. G. Maffeis, G. Martinelli, G. T. Owen and S. P. Wilks
Comparative study between gas sensors arrays device, sensory evaluation and GC/MS analysis for QC in automotive industry
Pages 55-68
S. Garrigues, T. Talou and D. Nesa
Characterisation of electrical parameters for multilayer SnO2 gas sensors
Pages 69-75
B. W. Licznerski, K. Nitsch, H. Teterycz, T. Sobaski and K. Winiewski
Classification of beverages using a reduced sensor array
Pages 76-83
Patrycja Ciosek, Zbigniew Brzózka and Wojciech Wróblewski
Model of the thickness effect of SnO2 thick film on the detection properties
Pages 84-90
P. Montmeat, R. Lalauze, J. -P. Viricelle, G. Tournier and C. Pijolat
Ceramic meso hot-plates for gas sensors
Pages 91-97
Frank Rettig and Ralf Moos
Discrimination of different aromatic compounds in water, ethanol and wine with a thin film sensor array
Pages 98-103
J. P. Santos, J. Lozano, M. Aleixandre, I. Sayago, M. J. Fernández, L. Arés, J. Gutiérrez and M. C. Horrillo
CO-sensing properties of doped SnO2 sensors in H2-rich gases
Pages 104-110
O. Wurzinger and G. Reinhardt
CO response of a nanostructured SnO2 gas sensor doped with palladium and platinum
Pages 111-114
P. Ménini, F. Parret, M. Guerrero, K. Soulantica, L. Erades, A. Maisonnat and B. Chaudret
Versatile device for on-line and in-situ measurement of growth and light production of bioluminescent cells
Pages 115-121
Loubna Bendriaa, Pascal Picart, Philippe Daniel, Habib Horry, Marie-José Durand and Gérald Thouand
Analysis of neural networks and analysis of feature selection with genetic algorithm to discriminate among pollutant gas
Pages 122-128
M. Aleixandre, I. Sayago, M. C. Horrillo, M. J. Fernández, L. Arés, M. García, J. P. Santos and J. Gutiérrez
Characterization of Ga2O3 based MRISiC hydrogen gas sensors
Pages 129-135
A. Trinchi, S. Kaciulis, L. Pandolfi, M. K. Ghantasala, Y. X. Li, W. Wlodarski, S. Viticoli, E. Comini and G. Sberveglieri
On-chip spectrum analyser interrogation of sensors which exhibit impedance changes
Pages 136-138
V. D. Juncu and J. V. Hatfield
Fine-tuning of the resonant frequency using a hybrid coupler and fixed components in SAW oscillators for gas detection
Pages 139-144
J. Fontecha, M. J. Fernández, I. Sayago, J. P. Santos, J. Gutiérrez, M. C. Horrillo, I. Grŕcia, C. Cané and E. Figueras
Array of voltammetric sensors for the discrimination of bitter solutions
Pages 145-152
C. Apetrei, M. L. Rodríguez-Méndez, V. Parra, F. Gutierrez and J. A. de Saja
Polyimide membrane for micro-heated gas sensor array
Pages 153-157
M. Aslam, C. Gregory and J. V. Hatfield
LCD-aided computer screen photo-assisted technique for colorimetric assays evaluation
Pages 158-164
D. Filippini, J. Manzano and I. Lundström
Sensing properties of perovskite oxide La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 obtained by using pulsed laser deposition
Pages 165-168
Dam T. V. Anh, W. Olthuis and P. Bergveld
Development of a sol–gel optical sensor for analysis of zinc in pharmaceuticals
Pages 169-177
Paula C. A. Jerónimo, Alberto N. Araújo and M. Conceiçăo B. S. M. Montenegro
An yttria-doped ceria-based oxygen sensor with solid-state reference
Pages 178-183
B. Elyassi, N. Rajabbeigi, A. Khodadadi, S. S. Mohajerzadeh and M. Sahimi
Development and test of an integrated microsystem for HPLC separation and detection using refractive index measurements
Pages 184-189
D. Brennan, P. O’Brien, J. O’Brien, N. Freeman and M. Swann
H2, CO and high vacuum regeneration of ozone poisoned pseudo-Schottky Pd–InP based gas sensor
Pages 190-199
L. Mazet, C. Varenne, A. Pauly, J. Brunet and J. P. Germain
Development of a Bio-MEMS for Evaluation of dioxin toxicity by immunoassay method
Pages 200-205
Katsumi Uchiyama, Ming Yang, Takeshi Sawazaki, Hiroya Shimizu and Satoshi Ito
Desorption/ionization mass spectrometry on porous silicon dioxide
Pages 206-212
Anna Górecka-Drzazga, Sylwester Bargiel, Rafa Walczak, Jan A. Dziuban, Agnieszka Kraj, Tomasz Dylg and Jerzy Silberring
Synthesis of pure and loaded powders of WO3 for NO2 detection through thick film technology
Pages 213-218
M. Blo, M. C. Carotta, S. Galliera, S. Gherardi, A. Giberti, V. Guidi, C. Malagů, G. Martinelli, M. Sacerdoti, B. Vendemiati and A. Zanni
Electrotherapy of tumour cells using flexible electrode arrays
Pages 219-224
D. Soden, A. Morrissey, C. Collins, J. Piggott, J. Larkin, A. Norman, S. Aarons, C. Dunne and G. C. O’Sullivan
Unsupervised scanning light pulse technique for chemical sensing
Pages 225-232
H. Uchida, D. Filippini and I. Lundström
Miniature taste sensing system based on dual SH-SAW sensor device: an electronic tongue
Pages 233-239
G. Sehra, M. Cole and J. W. Gardner
Cavitand-coated PZT resonant piezo-layer sensors: properties, structure, and comparison with QCM sensors at different temperatures under exposure to organic vapors
Pages 240-246
M. Ferrari, V. Ferrari, D. Marioli, A. Taroni, M. Suman and E. Dalcanale
Development of pH-ISFET sensors for the detection of bacterial activity
Pages 247-251
M. L. Pourciel-Gouzy, W. Sant, I. Humenyuk, L. Malaquin, X. Dollat and P. Temple-Boyer
Miniaturization of thermoelectric hydrogen sensor prepared on glass substrate with low-temperature crystallized SiGe film
Pages 252-259
Fabin Qiu, Woosuck Shin, Masahiko Matsumiya, Noriya Izu, Ichiro Matsubara and Norimitsu Murayama
Development of a creatinine-sensitive sensor for medical analysis
Pages 260-264
W. Sant, M. L. Pourciel-Gouzy, J. Launay, T. Do Conto, R. Colin, A. Martinez and P. Temple-Boyer
Highly sensitive and interference-free simultaneous detection of two polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at parts-per-trillion levels using a surface plasmon resonance immunosensor
Pages 265-271
K. Vengatajalabathy Gobi and Norio Miura
Monitoring of ethylene for agro-alimentary applications and compensation of humidity effects
Pages 272-276
A. Giberti, M. C. Carotta, V. Guidi, C. Malagů, G. Martinelli, M. Piga and B. Vendemiati
Cu-ion-selective membranes based on chalcogenide glasses
Pages 277-283
R. Tomova, G. Spasov, R. Stoycheva-Topalova and A. Buroff
Exploitation of a pH-sensitive hydrogel disk for CO2 detection
Pages 284-289
S. Herber, W. Olthuis, P. Bergveld and A. van den Berg
Optical fiber probes for fluorescence based oxygen sensing
Pages 290-299
P. A. S. Jorge, P. Caldas, C. C. Rosa, A. G. Oliva and J. L. Santos
Enhancement of H2 sensing properties of NiO-based thin films with a Pt surface modification
Pages 300-311
I. Hotovy, J. Huran, P. Siciliano, S. Capone, L. Spiess and V. Rehacek
Microstructure control of thermally stable TiO2 obtained by hydrothermal process for gas sensors
Pages 312-317
Ana M. Ruiz, Go Sakai, Albert Cornet, Kengo Shimanoe, Joan Ramon Morante and Noboru Yamazoe
Resolution in quartz crystal oscillator circuits for high sensitivity microbalance sensors in damping media
Pages 318-324
L. Rodriguez-Pardo, J. Farińa, C. Gabrielli, H. Perrot and R. Brendel
A new application of capacitive sensors for the nucleic acids revelation
Pages 325-330
M. Pighini, G. Falcone, L. Fachechi, M. R. Simone, C. Di Natale and S. Sunna
Simulation study of dielectrophoretic particle sorters
Pages 331-338
J. H. Nieuwenhuis and M. J. Vellekoop
Preparation and characterization of cobalt porphyrin modified tin dioxide films for sensor applications
Pages 339-343
Sara Nardis, Donato Monti, Corrado Di Natale, Arnaldo D’Amico, Pietro Siciliano, Angiola Forleo, Mauro Epifani, Antonella Taurino, Roberto Rella and Roberto Paolesse
Porous a/nc-Si:H films produced by HW-CVD as ethanol vapour detector and primary fuel cell
Pages 344-349
Isabel Ferreira, Rui Igreja, Elvira Fortunato and Rodrigo Martins
A flow-through potentiometric sensor for an integrated microdialysis system
Pages 350-355
D. G. Pijanowska, A. J. Sprenkels, H. van der Linden, W. Olthuis, P. Bergveld and A. van den Berg
The influence of thermal treatment on the stress characteristics of suspended porous silicon membranes on silicon
Pages 356-361
D. Papadimitriou, C. Tsamis and A. G. Nassiopoulou
Sensing of hydrocarbons and CO in low oxygen conditions with tin dioxide sensors: possible conversion paths
Pages 362-368
Wolf Schmid, Nicolae Bârsan and Udo Weimar
Development and evaluation of a micro chemical gas sensor with an inner-circulation diffuser pump
Pages 369-374
N. Yamaguchi and M. Yang
Chemiresistive properties of lead nanoparticles, covered by oxide and sulfide layer
Pages 375-379
V. E. Bochenkov, V. V. Zagorsky and G. B. Sergeev
Direct determination of cyanides by potentiometric biosensors
Pages 380-385
M. Keusgen, J. P. Kloock, D. -T. Knobbe, M. Jünger, I. Krest, M.Goldbach, W. Klein and M. J. Schöning
Preparation of grain size-controlled tin oxide sols by hydrothermal treatment for thin film sensor application
Pages 386-391
Dang Duc Vuong, Go Sakai, Kengo Shimanoe and Noboru Yamazoe
Capacitive-type chemical sensors using thin silicon/polymer bimorph membranes
Pages 392-396
S. Chatzandroulis, E. Tegou, D. Goustouridis, S. Polymenakos and D. Tsoukalas
Improvement of biosensor performances for nitrate determination using a new hydrophilic poly(pyrrole-viologen) film
Pages 397-402
S. Da Silva, D. Shan and S. Cosnier
Qualitative and quantitative identification of H2S/NO2 gaseous components in different reference atmospheres using a metal oxide sensor array
Pages 403-408
Omar Helli, Maryam Siadat and Martine Lumbreras
Fabrication and characterization of a bidirectional valveless peristaltic micropump and its application to a flow-type immunoanalysis
Pages 409-415
Dae-Sik Lee, Hyun C. Yoon and Jong Soo Ko
Application of enzyme field effect transistors for fast detection of total glycoalkaloids content in potatoes
Pages 416-422
Valentyna N. Arkhypova, Sergei V. Dzyadevych, Alexey P. Soldatkin, Yaroslav I. Korpan, Anna V. El’skaya, Jean-Michel Gravoueille, Claude Martelet and Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Impedance effect of an ion-sensitive membrane: characterisation of an EMIS sensor by impedance spectroscopy, capacitance–voltage and constant–capacitance method
Pages 423-428
A. Poghossian, D. -T. Mai, Yu. Mourzina and M. J. Schöning
New concepts of miniaturised reference electrodes in silicon technology for potentiometric sensor systems
Pages 429-435
Anette Simonis, Hans Lüth, Joseph Wang and Michael J. Schöning
High resolution LAPS using amorphous silicon as the semiconductor material
Pages 436-441
Werner Moritz, Tatsuo Yoshinobu, Friedhelm Finger, Steffi Krause, Marisa Martin-Fernandez and Michael J. Schöning
Thermal response of microfilament heaters in gas sensing
Pages 442-447
I. Bársony, P. Fürjes, M. Ádám, Cs. Dücs, Zs. Vízváry, J. Zettner and F. Stam
Influence of metallic impurities on response kinetics in metal oxide thin film gas sensors
Pages 448-456
A. Setkus, C. Baratto, E. Comini, G. Faglia, A. Galdikas, Kancleris, G. Sberveglieri and D. Senuliene
Laser-scanned silicon transducer (LSST) as a multisensor system
Pages 457-462
Yu. E. Ermolenko, T. Yoshinobu, Yu. G. Mourzina, Yu. G. Vlasov, M. J. Schöning and H. Iwasaki
Trimethylamine biosensor with flavin-containing monooxygenase type 3 (FMO3) for fish-freshness analysis
Pages 463-467
Kohji Mitsubayashi, Yohei Kubotera, Kazuhisa Yano, Yuki Hashimoto, Takuo Kon, Shinya Nakakura, Yoshitake Nishi and Hideaki Endo
LTCC manifold for heavy metal detection system in biomedical and environmental fluids
Pages 468-473
Mário Ricardo Gongora-Rubio, Marcelo B. A. Fontes, Zaira Mendes da Rocha, Eduardo M. Richter and Lúcio Angnes





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