ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 104, 1


Date : 3-Jan-2005


Open photoacoustic sensor as smoke detector
Pages 1-7
A. Keller, M. Rüegg, M. Forster, M. Loepfe, R. Pleisch, P. Nebiker and H. Burtscher
Recognition and detection of dsDNA at a thionalid self-assembled monolayer modified gold electrode
Pages 8-14
Sheng-Fu Wang, Wei Wang and Huo-Cao Cai
Optical oxygen sensor coating based on the fluorescence quenching of a new pyrene derivative
Pages 15-22
Bharathibai J. Basu, A. Thirumurugan, A. R. Dinesh, C. Anandan and K. S. Rajam
Solid-phase extraction and amperometric determination of nitrite with polypyrrole nanowire modified electrodes
Pages 23-28
Yun Tian, Jixiao Wang, Zhi Wang and Shichang Wang
Determination of ethamsylate in the presence of catecholamines using 4-amino-2-mercaptopyrimidine self-assembled monolayer gold electrode
Pages 29-34
Xiu-Hua Zhang and Sheng-Fu Wang
Regioselective imprinting of anthracenecarboxylic acids onto TiO2 gel ultrathin films: an approach to thin film sensor
Pages 35-42
Seung-Woo Lee, Do-Hyeon Yang and Toyoki Kunitake
A biosensor monitoring DNA hybridization based on polyaniline intercalated graphite oxide nanocomposite
Pages 43-49
Jing Wu, Yanhong Zou, Xiaoli Li, Hongbo Liu, Guoli Shen and Ruqin Yu
Use of self-assembled monolayers, metal ions and smectic liquid crystals to detect organophosphonates
Pages 50-56
Kun-Lin Yang, Katie Cadwell and Nicholas L. Abbott
Mixed dopant conducting polyaniline reusable blend for the detection of aqueous ammonia
Pages 57-67
S. Koul and Ramesh Chandra
Amperometric glucose biosensor based on immobilization of glucose oxidase in electropolymerized o-aminophenol film at copper-modified gold electrode
Pages 68-74
Dawei Pan, Jinhua Chen, Shouzhuo Yao, Lihua Nie, Jianjun Xia and Wenyan Tao
Effect of hydrogen on the electrical resistance of melt-spun Mg90Pd10 amorphous alloy
Pages 75-79
Sumiaki Nakano, Shin-ichi Yamaura, Sakae Uchinashi, Hisamichi Kimura and Akihisa Inoue
The application of CNT/Nafion composite material to low humidity sensing measurement
Pages 80-84
Hui-Wen Chen, Ren-Jang Wu, Kuo-Hung Chan, Yih-Lu Sun and Pi-Guey Su
Acoustic wave immunosensing of Escherichia coli in water
Pages 85-89
Deepti D. Deobagkar, Veena Limaye, Sweta Sinha and R. D. S. Yadava
Carbon monoxide sensitivity of vacuum deposited polyaniline semiconducting thin films
Pages 90-93
V. Dixit, S. C. K. Misra and B. S. Sharma
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Simultaneous measurement of emf and short circuit current for a potentiometric sensor using perturbation technique
Pages 94-102
S. Vana Varamban, Rajesh Ganesan and G. Periaswami
A wavelength–ratiometric fluoride-sensitive probe based on the quinolinium nucleus and boronic acid moiety
Pages 103-110
Ramachandram Badugu, Joseph R. Lakowicz and Chris D. Geddes
An electrochemical biomimetic ATP-sensor
Pages 111-116
Wendelin Bücking, Gerald A. Urban and Thomas Nann
Fabrication and characterization of a multi-stage electroosmotic pump for liquid delivery
Pages 117-123
Lingxin Chen, Hailong Wang, Jiping Ma, Chengxia Wang and Yafeng Guan
Ethanol and H2S gas detection in air and in reducing and oxidising ambience: application of pattern recognition to analyse the output from temperature-modulated nanoparticulate WO3 gas sensors
Pages 124-131
R. Ionescu, A. Hoel, C. G. Granqvist, E. Llobet and P. Heszler
Low-level detection of ethanol and H2S with temperature-modulated WO3 nanoparticle gas sensors
Pages 132-139
R. Ionescu, A. Hoel, C. G. Granqvist, E. Llobet and P. Heszler
Polystyrene/polyaniline nanoblends for sensing of aliphatic alcohols
Pages 140-150
Ester Segal, Roza Tchoudakov, Moshe Narkis, Arnon Siegmann and Yen Wei
Gas sensing properties of thin film (≤3 small mu, Greekm) Cr2−xTixO3 (CTO) prepared by atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition (APCVD), compared with that prepared by thick film screen-printing
Pages 151-162
Graham A. Shaw, Keith F. E. Pratt, Ivan P. Parkin and David E. Williams
Influence of geometry and environmental parameters on the quality of signature patterns for single neuron chemical sensors
Pages 163-171
Mo Yang, Xuan Zhang and Cengiz S. Ozkan






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