ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 104, 2


Date : 24-Jan-2005


A new porous plastic fiber probe for ammonia monitoring
Pages 173-178
Zenghong Xie, Liangqia Guo, Xianghua Zheng, Xucong Lin and Guonan Chen
Chemical modulation of thermosensitive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microsphere swelling: a new strategy for chemical sensing
Pages 179-185
O. Oktar, P. Caglar and W. R. Seitz
A potentiometric acetylcholinesterase biosensor based on plasma-polymerized film
Pages 186-190
Bing Liu, Yun-Hui Yang, Zhao-Yang Wu, Hua Wang, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Glucose biosensor based on self-assembled gold nanoparticles and double-layer 2d-network (3-mercaptopropyl)-trimethoxysilane polymer onto gold substrate
Pages 191-198
Xia Zhong, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Yan Liu, Jianyuan Dai and Dianping Tang
Preparation and application on a kind of immobilization method of anti-diphtheria for potentiometric immunosensor modified colloidal Au and polyvinyl butyral as matrixes
Pages 199-206
Dianping Tang, Ruo Yuan, Yaqin Chai, Linyan Zhang, Xia Zhong, Yan Liu and Jianyuan Dai
Enhanced detection of m-xylene using a preconcentrator with a chemiresistor sensor
Pages 207-216
C. E. Davis, C. K. Ho, R. C. Hughes and M. L. Thomas
An evanescent-wave optical fiber relative humidity sensor with enhanced sensitivity
Pages 217-222
Sunil K. Khijwania, Kirthi L. Srinivasan and Jagdish P. Singh
Inverse-catalyst-effect observed for nanocrystalline-doped tin oxide sensor at lower operating temperatures
S. Shukla, L. Ludwig, C. Parrish and S.Seal
Comparison of MOS and Schottky W/Pt–GaN diodes for hydrogen detection
Pages 232-236
B. S. Kang, S. Kim, F. Ren, B. P. Gila, C. R. Abernathy and S. J. Pearton
Airborne analyte detection with an aircraft-adapted surface plasmon resonance sensor system
Pages 237-248
Alexei N. Naimushin, Charles B. Spinelli, Scott D. Soelberg, Tobias Mann, Richard C. Stevens, Timothy Chinowsky, Peter Kauffman, Sinclair Yee and Clement E. Furlong
Comparison of analytical methods and calibration methods for correction of detector response drift in arrays of carbon black-polymer composite vapor detectors
Pages 249-268
Brian C. Sisk and Nathan S. Lewis
Transient isotachophoresis of highly saline samples using a microchip
Pages 269-275
Yongwon Jeong, Kihwan Choi, Moon Koo Kang, Kukjin Chun and Doo Soo Chung
Following fast adsorption processes with surface plasmon spectroscopy: reflectivity versus mismatch tracking
Pages 276-281
M. Schneider, A. Andersen, P. Koelsch and H. Motschmann
Chiral recognition sites from carbonyldioxyglyceryl moiety by an alternative molecular imprinting
Pages 282-288
Masakazu Yoshikawa, Naosuke Hotta, Junji Kyoumura, Yusuke Osagawa and Takashi Aoki
Thermal modelling of a WO3 ozone sensor response
Pages 289-293
J. Guérin, K. Aguir, M. Bendahan and C. Lambert-Mauriat
Fluorescence intensity in surface-plasmon field-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy
Pages 294-301
S. Ekgasit, F. Yu and W. Knoll
An "electronic tongue" design for the qualitative analysis of natural waters
Pages 302-307
Ramón Martínez-Máñez, Juan Soto, Eduardo Garcia-Breijo, Luis Gil, Javier Ibáñez and Eduard Llobet
Modelling of an electroacoustic gas sensor
Pages 308-311
F. Granstedt, M. Folke, M. Ekström, B. Hök and Y. Bäcklund
The structure, electrical and ethanol-sensing properties of La1−xPbxFeO3 perovskite ceramics with x≤0.3
Pages 312-316
Peng Song, Hongwei Qin, Ling Zhang, Kang An, Zhaojun Lin, Jifan Hu and Minhua Jiang
Copper-selective PVC membrane electrodes based on salens as carriers
Pages 317-323
Ali Reza Fakhari, Termeh Ahmad Raji and Hossein Naeimi
Design of an applied optical fiber process tomography system
Pages 324-331
Chunsheng Yan, Jing Zhong, Yanbiao Liao, Shurong Lai, Min Zhang and Dewen Gao






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