ISSN : 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 106, 2

Date : 13-May-2005


Detection of hydrocarbon species using silicon MOS capacitors operated in a non-stationary temperature pulse mode
Pages 489-497
P. Kreisl, A. Helwig, A. Friedberger, G. Müller, E. Obermeier and S. Sotier
A fractal analysis for the binding of riboflavin binding protein to riboflavin immobilized on a SPR biosensor
Pages 498-505
Bret A. Morris and Ajit Sadana
Microfabrication of biodegradable (PLGA) honeycomb-structures and potential applications in implantable drug delivery
Pages 506-511
Ren Yang, Tianning Chen, Hualing Chen and Wanjun Wang
Development and environmental application of a nitrate selective microsensor based on doped polypyrrole films
Pages 512-517
Tatyana A. Bendikov, Juyoul Kim and Thomas C. Harmon
Design and characterization of pH sensor based on sol–gel silica layer on plastic optical fiber
Pages 518-522
E. Alvarado-Méndez, R. Rojas-Laguna, J.A. Andrade-Lucio, D. Hernández-Cruz, R.A. Lessard and J.G. Aviña-Cervantes
Sol–gel processed iron oxide–silica nanocomposite films as room-temperature humidity sensors
Pages 523-528
R. Tongpool and S. Jindasuwan
Thin-film piezoelectric acoustic sensor (TFPAS): further experimental validation of the theory of resonance sensitivity
Pages 529-533
L.M. Dorozhkin, G.N. Dorozhkina, A.V. Fokin, I.A. Rozanov, A.G. Sabelnikov and V.G. Sevastjanov
A low-cost, programmable device for versatile current delivery in iontophoresis applications
Pages 534-540
C.T.S. Ching, I. Camilleri and P. Connolly
Polypyrrole-based electronic noses for environmental and industrial analysis
Pages 541-552
Qaisar Ameer and Samuel B. Adeloju
Selective filter for SnO2-based gas sensor: application to hydrogen trace detection
Pages 553-562
G. Tournier and C. Pijolat
Experimental and theoretical studies of indium oxide gas sensors fabricated by spray pyrolysis
Pages 563-571
V. Golovanov, Matti A. Mäki-Jaskari, Tapio T. Rantala, G. Korotcenkov, V. Brinzari, A. Cornet and J. Morante
Composite amperometric tyrosinase biosensors for the determination of the additive propyl gallate in a reversed micellar medium
Pages 572-579
M.D. Morales, M.C. González, B. Serra, A.J. Reviejo and J.M. Pingarrón
Preparation of macroporous SnO2 films using PMMA microspheres and their sensing properties to NOx and H2
Pages 580-590
Takeo Hyodo, Kazuhiro Sasahara, Yasuhiro Shimizu and Makoto Egashira
A silicon-based bulk micromachined amperometric microelectrode biosensor with consecutive platinization and polymerization of pyrrole
Pages 591-601
Jingwei Liu, Chao Bian, Jinghong Han, Shaofeng Chen and Shanhong Xia
SAW hydrogen sensor with a bilayer structure based on interaction speed
Pages 602-608
Wiesław P. Jakubik and Marian W. Urbanczyk
FEP/polyaniline based multilayered chlorine sensor
Pages 609-613
Shilpa Jain, A.B. Samui, M. Patri, V.R. Hande and S.V. Bhoraskar
A novel fused sensor for photo- and ion-sensing
Pages 614-618
Kazuaki Sawada, Takahiro Ohshina, Takeshi Hizawa, Hidekuni Takao and Makoto Ishida
Sensor for cysteine based on oxovanadium(IV) complex of Salen modified carbon paste electrode
Pages 619-625
Marcos F.S. Teixeira, Edward R. Dockal and Éder T.G. Cavalheiro
Ammonia sensing characteristics of thin film based on polyelectrolyte templated polyaniline
Pages 626-631
G.K. Prasad, T.P. Radhakrishnan, D. Sravan Kumar and M. Ghanashyam Krishna
Cetyltrimethylammonium assay using fluorescence probe berberine and a competitive host–guest complexation with butylated β-cyclodextrin
Pages 632-640
Yu Yang, Hai-Feng Yang, Yan-Li Liu, Zhi-Min Liu, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
The integration of gold nanoparticles with semi-conductive oligomer layer for development of capacitive immunosensor
Pages 641-647
Shun-Qin Hu, Zhi-Mei Xie, Cun-Xi Lei, Guo-Li Shen and Ru-Qin Yu
Coated-wire iron(III) ion-selective electrode based on iron complex of 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane
Pages 648-653
Aparna Sil, Vijaykumar S. Ijeri and Ashwini K. Srivastava
Modeling macroscopic transport of superoxide radicals through nonoheterogeneous biosensor film
Pages 654-659
Hongwei Song, Tianbao Du and Olusegun J. Ilegbusi
A sol–gel derived AgCl photochromic coating on glass for SERS chemical sensor application
Pages 660-667
Mürvet Volkan, David L. Stokes and Tuan Vo-Dinh
Optimization of metal-clad waveguide sensors
Pages 668-676
N. Skivesen, R. Horvath and H.C. Pedersen
A fuzzy ARTMAP- and PLS-based MS e-nose for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of rancidity in crisps  
Pages 677-686
M. Vinaixa, E. Llobet, J. Brezmes, X. Vilanova and X. Correig
Optical sequential readout of microcantilever arrays for biological detection
Pages 687-690
Mar Álvarez and Javier Tamayo
The concentration measurement with SnO2 gas sensor operated in the dynamic regime
Pages 691-699
Libor Gajdošík
A biosensor with myrosinase and glucose oxidase bienzyme system for determination of glucosinolates in seeds of commonly consumed vegetables
Pages 700-707
Baoli Wu, Guomei Zhang, Shaomin Shuang, Chuan Dong, Martin M.F. Choi and Albert W.M. Lee
Gas sensing by thermoelectric voltage fluctuations in SnO2 nanoparticle films
Pages 708-712
Janusz M. Smulko, Jesper Ederth, Yingfeng Li, Laszlo B. Kish, Marcus K. Kennedy and Frank E. Kruis
Impedance spectroscopy on WO3 gas sensor
Pages 713-718
A. Labidi, C. Jacolin, M. Bendahan, A. Abdelghani, J. Guérin, K. Aguir and M. Maaref
A new approach for modelling sensor based data
Pages 719-729
Thomas Skov and Rasmus Bro
V2O5 nanofibres: novel gas sensors with extremely high sensitivity and selectivity to amines
Pages 730-735
Isabelle Raible, Marko Burghard, Ulrich Schlecht, Akio Yasuda and Tobias Vossmeyer
Enantioanalysis of glyceric acid using enantioselective, potentiometric membrane electrodes: applications for the diagnosis of PH II and d-glyceric acidemia/acidurias
Pages 736-740
Raluca-Ioana Stefan and R’afat M. Nejem
A polysilicon nanoelectrospray–mass spectrometry source based on a microfluidic capillary slot
Pages 741-749
Steve Arscott, Séverine Le Gac and Christian Rolando
CO gas sensing from ultrathin nano-composite conducting polymer film
Pages 750-757
Manoj Kumar Ram, Özlem Yavuz, Vitawat Lahsangah and Matt Aldissi
Use of La0.85Sr0.15CrO3 in high-temperature NOx sensing elements
Pages 758-765
D.L. West, F.C. Montgomery and T.R. Armstrong
A chemical sensor for chloromethanes using a nanocomposite of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with poly(3-methylthiophene)
Pages 766-771
K.S.V. Santhanam, Rajiv Sangoi and L. Fuller
Highly selective methylammonium-selective membrane electrode made by the modification of the upper rim of calix[6]arene derivatives
Pages 772-778
Keisuke Ueda, Hideaki Hioki, Miwa Kubo, Mitsuaki Kodama, Kiyoka Takaishi, Hirochika Yokosu and Takashi Katsu
Novel potentiometric sensor for monitoring barium(II) based on 2,3,4-pyridine-1,3,5,7,12-pentaazacyclopentadeca-3-ene
Pages 779-783
Ashok Kumar Singh, Rupam Singh, R.P. Singh and Puja Saxena
Amperometric sensor for selective and stable hydrogen measurement
Pages 784-790
Yente Chao, Sheng Yao, William J. Buttner and Joseph R. Stetter
Determination of d-2-hydroxyglutaric acid in urine samples using enantioselective, potentiometric membrane electrodes based on antibiotics
Pages 791-795
Raluca-Ioana Stefan, R’afat Mahmoud Nejem, Jacobus Frederick van Staden and Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
Data analysis for surface plasmon resonance sensors using dynamic baseline algorithm
Pages 796-802
C. Thirstrup and W. Zong
Electrochemical sensor for sulfite determination based on iron hexacyanoferrate film modified electrodes
Pages 803-809
T. García, E. Casero, E. Lorenzo and F. Pariente
Reactively sputtered titania films as high temperature carbon monoxide sensors
Pages 810-815
Prabir K. Dutta, Marla Frank, Gary W. Hunter and Michael George
Anomalous low–high transition of ceria doped SnO2 sensors exposed to synthetic automobile exhaust gas
Pages 816-822
M. Valinasab, A.A. Khodadadi, S. Mohajerzadeh and M. Khaghani
Use of a chromatographic column to improve the selectivity of the SnO2 gas sensors: first approach towards a miniaturised device and selective with hydrogen fluoride vapours
Pages 823-831
J.-B. Sanchez, F. Berger, M. Fromm and M.-H. Nadal
Optical oxalate detector based on chemical modification of a polymer film
Pages 832-836
A. Kazemzadeh and F. Moztarzadeh
Hydrogen sensitivity of doped CuO/ZnO heterocontact sensors
Pages 837-842
Seymen Aygün and David Cann
Guided neurite growth on patterned carbon nanotubes
Pages 843-850
Xuan Zhang, Shalini Prasad, Sandip Niyogi, Andre Morgan, Mihri Ozkan and Cengiz S. Ozkan
Dynamic arraying of microbeads for bioassays in microfluidic channels
Pages 851-858
Tobias Lilliehorn, Mikael Nilsson, Urban Simu, Stefan Johansson, Monica Almqvist, Johan Nilsson and Thomas Laurell
Magneto-hydrodynamic stirrer for stationary and moving fluids
Pages 859-870
Shizhi Qian and Haim H. Bau
Simulation and optimization of chaotic micromixer using lattice Boltzmann method
Pages 871-877
Chuang Li and Tianning Chen
Thin-film organic photodiodes as integrated detectors for microscale chemiluminescence assays
Pages 878-884
Oliver Hofmann, Paul Miller, Paul Sullivan, Timothy S. Jones, John C. deMello, Donal D.C. Bradley and Andrew J. deMello






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