ISSN: 0925-4005  Vol./Iss.: 113, 1


Date: 17-Jan-2006

Solvation, transduction and independent component analysis for pattern recognition in SAW electronic nose
Pages 1-21
R.D.S. Yadava and Ruchi Chaudhary
Profiling clinically important metabolites in human urine by an electrochemical system containing disposable electrodes 
Pages 22-28
C.-T. Hsu, H.-J. Lyuu, T.-H. Yang, E.D. Conte and J.-M. Zen
Characteristics of a Pd–oxide–In0.49Ga0.51P high electron mobility transistor (HEMT)-based hydrogen sensor  
Pages 29-35
Chin-Chuan Cheng, Yan-Ying Tsai, Kun-Wei Lin, Huey-Ing Chen, Wei-Hsi Hsu, Ching-Wen Hong and Wen-Chau Liu
Oxygen functionalisation of MWNT and their use as gas sensitive thick-film layers
Pages 36-46
R. Ionescu, E.H. Espinosa, E. Sotter, E. Llobet, X. Vilanova, X. Correig, A. Felten, C. Bittencourt, G. Van Lier, J.-C. Charlier and J.J. Pireaux
Development of an automation system to evaluate the three-dimensional oxygen distribution in wastewater biofilms using microsensors
Pages 47-54
Carlos de la Rosa and Tong Yu
Flexible vapour sensors using single walled carbon nanotubes
Pages 55-63
Kunjal Parikh, Kyle Cattanach, Rashmi Rao, Dong-Seok Suh, Aimei Wu and Sanjeev K. Manohar
Remote monitoring system with wireless sensors module for room environment
Pages 64-70
Wan-Young Chung and Sung-Ju Oh
Suppression of NO and SO2 cross-sensitivity in electrochemical CO2 sensors with filter layers
Pages 71-79
Hyun Seok Hong, Jun Woong Kim, Sang Jin Jung and Chong Ook Park
Design and fabrication of a microelectrode array for iodate quantification in small sample volumes
Pages 80-87
Denise Lowinsohn, Henrique E.M. Peres, Luis Kosminsky, Thiago R.L.C. Paixão, Tiago L. Ferreira, Francisco J. Ramirez-Fernandez and Mauro Bertotti
Development of a mercury optical sensor based on immobilization of 4-(2-pyridylazo)-resorcinol on a triacetylcellulose membrane
Pages 88-93
Ali A. Ensafi and Masoud Fouladgar
Molecular imprinting strategy for solvent molecules and its application for QCM-based VOC vapor sensing  
Pages 94-99
Masanobu Matsuguchi and Toshiyuki Uno
Fiber-optic chemical and biochemical probes based on localized surface plasmon resonance
Pages 100-105
Lai-Kwan Chau, Yi-Fang Lin, Shu-Fang Cheng and Tsao-Jen Lin
Electrochemical characteristics of heme proteins in hydroxyethylcellulose film
Pages 106-111
Xinjian Liu, Ting Chen, Lifang Liu and Genxi Li
Response kinetics of temperature-independent resistive oxygen sensor formulations: a comparative study
Pages 112-119
Kathy Sahner, Ralf Moos, Noriya Izu, Woosuck Shin and Norimitsu Murayama
PTAT oscillators for low Q resonating sensors
Pages 120-126
Christian Falconi, Antonino Massari and Arnaldo D’Amico
Liquid crystalline phthalocyanine spun films for organic vapour sensing
Pages 127-134
T. Basova, E. Kol’tsov, A.K. Ray, A.K. Hassan, A.G. Gürek and V. Ahsen
Classification of gasoline with supplement of bio-products by means of an electronic nose and SVM neural network
Pages 135-141
K. Brudzewski, S. Osowski, T. Markiewicz and J. Ulaczyk
Electrical and humidity sensing properties of carbon nanotubes-SiO2-poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonate) composite material
Pages 142-149
Pi-Guey Su and Shuay-Chwen Huang
Electrochemical determination of ascorbic acid in fruits on a vanadium oxide polypropylene carbonate modified electrode
Pages 150-155
Li Tian, Li Chen, Li Liu, Nan Lu, Wenbo Song and Hongding Xu
Simultaneous determination of epinephrine and ascorbic acid at the electrochemical sensor of triazole SAM modified gold electrode
Pages 156-161
Yi-Xin Sun, Sheng-Fu Wang, Xiu-Hua Zhang and Yin-Fang Huang
Dependence of potentiometric oxygen sensing characteristics on the nature of electrodes
Pages 162-168
Ramasamy Ramamoorthy, Sheikh A. Akbar and Prabir. K. Dutta
Design and fabrication of an alternating dielectric multi-layer device for surface plasmon resonance sensor
Pages 169-176
Chii-Wann Lin, Kuo-Ping Chen, Chien-Nan Hsiao, Shiming Lin and Chih-Kung Lee
Preparation and gas sensing properties of pure and doped γ-Fe2O3 by an anhydrous solvent method
Pages 177-181
Zhihong Jing, Yan Wang and Shihua Wu
Chromium(III)-selective sensor based on tri-o-thymotide in PVC matrix
Pages 182-186
V.K. Gupta, A.K. Jain, P. Kumar, S. Agarwal and G. Maheshwari
Electrochemical studies on the performance characteristics of solid metal–metal oxide reference sensor for concrete environments
Pages 187-193
Srinivasan Muralidharan, Tae-Hyun Ha, Jeong-Hyo Bae, Yoon-Cheol Ha, Hyun-Goo Lee, Kyung-Wha Park and Dae-Kyeong Kim
Flow-injection determination of iron(III) in soil by biamperometry using two independent redox couples  • ARTICLE
Pages 194-200
Jia-Quan Chen, Wei Gao and Jun-Feng Song
Development of an optical fibre reflectance sensor for copper (II) detection based on immobilised salicylic acid  
Pages 201-206
Rita Sundari, Musa Ahmad and Lee Yook Heng
Evaluation of response characteristics of resistive oxygen sensors based on porous cerium oxide thick film using pressure modulation method
Pages 207-213
Noriya Izu, Woosuck Shin, Ichiro Matsubara and Norimitsu Murayama
A piezoelectric sensor with propidium as a recognition element for cholinesterases
Pages 214-221
C. Teller, J. Halámek, A. Makower, D. Fournier, H. Schulze and F.W. Scheller
ISFET source separation: Foundations and techniques
Pages 222-233
Sergio Bermejo, Christian Jutten and Joan Cabestany
Enantioselective molecular imprinting polymer coated QCM for the recognition of l-tryptophan
Pages 234-240
Feng Liu, Xiao Liu, Siu-Choon Ng and Hardy Sze-On Chan
Sensitivity and selectivity improvement of rf sputtered WO3 microhotplate gas sensors
Pages 241-248
M. Stankova, X. Vilanova, J. Calderer, E. Llobet, J. Brezmes, I. Gràcia, C. Cané and X. Correig
Determination of phosphorescence lifetimes in the presence of high background signals using phase-shift measurements
Pages 249-258
Marta Valledor, Juan Carlos Campo, Israel Sánchez-Barragán, José M. Costa-Fernández, Juan Carlos Alvarez and Alfredo Sanz-Medel
Electrochemical actuator based on single-layer polypyrrole film
Pages 259-264
Gaoyi Han and Gaoquan Shi
Humidity-insensitive and low oxygen dependence tungsten oxide gas sensors
Pages 265-271
Mana Sriyudthsak and Sitthisuntorn Supothina
Amperometric biosensor for hypoxanthine based on immobilized xanthine oxidase on nanocrystal gold–carbon paste electrodes
Pages 272-280
Lourdes Agüí, Javier Manso, Paloma Yáñez-Sedeño and José M. Pingarrón
Characterization of DNA hybridization kinetics in a microfluidic flow channel
Pages 281-289
Joshua Hyong-Seok Kim, Alia Marafie, Xi-Yu Jia, Jim V. Zoval and Marc J. Madou
Using of hydrogen ion-selective poly(vinyl chloride) membrane electrode based on calix[4]arene as thiocyanate ion-selective electrode
Pages 290-296
Sevcan Erden, Ayça Demirel, Sahahabuddin Memon, Mustafa Yılmaz, Esin Canel and Esma Kılıç
Site-directed antibody immobilization on gold substrate for surface plasmon resonance sensors
Pages 297-303
A. Hirlekar Schmid, S.E. Stanca, M.S. Thakur, K. Ravindranathan Thampi and C. Raman Suri
Perchlorate-selective polymeric membrane electrode based on a cobaloxime as a suitable carrier
Pages 304-309
M.A. Zanjanchi, M. Arvand, M. Akbari, K. Tabatabaeian and G. Zaraei
Comparison of classical and fluctuation-enhanced gas sensing with PdxWO3 nanoparticle films
Pages 310-315
J. Ederth, J.M. Smulko, L.B. Kish, P. Heszler and C.G. Granqvist
Absolute potential analysis of the mixed potential occurring at the oxide/YSZ electrode at high temperature in NOx-containing air
Pages 316-319
C.O. Park and N. Miura
Detection of H2S down to ppb levels at room temperature using sensors based on ZnO nanorods
Pages 320-323
Caihong Wang, Xiangfeng Chu and Mingmei Wu
Gas sensing behavior of polyvinylpyrrolidone-modified ZnO nanoparticles for trimethylamine
Pages 324-328
Huixiang Tang, Mi Yan, Xingfa Ma, Hui Zhang, Mang Wang and Deren Yang
Preparation and properties of an uricase biosensor based on copolymer of o-aminophenol-aniline
Pages 329-334
Xianhua Pan, Su Zhou, Cheng Chen and Jinqing Kan
Dew point measurement for organic vapor mixture using a quartz crystal sensor
Pages 335-340
Ok Jin Joung and Young Han Kim
Effect of NH3 gas on the electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotube bundles
Pages 341-346
Nguyen Hong Quang, Mai Van Trinh, Bong-Ho Lee and Jeung-Soo Huh
Electronic nose technique potential monitoring mandarin maturity
Pages 347-353
Antihus Hernández Gómez, Jun Wang, Guixian Hu and Annia García Pereira
Porphyrin dimers as receptors for the selective binding of oligosaccharides
Pages 354-360
W.B. Lu, L.H. Zhang and X.S. Ye
Improvement of gas sensing performance of carbon black/waterborne polyurethane composites: Effect of crosslinking treatment
Pages 361-369
Shi Guo Chen, Ji Wen Hu, Ming Qiu Zhang, Min Zhi Rong and Qiang Zheng
Optical alcohol sensor based on dye–Chitosan polyelectrolyte multilayers
Pages 370-375
Stephan T. Dubas, Chularat Iamsamai and Pranut Potiyaraj
A packed microcolumn approach to a cell-based biosensor
Pages 376-381
Jeb H. Flemming, Helen K. Baca, Margaret Werner-Washburne, Susan M. Brozik and Gabriel P. López
Cycle performance of sol–gel optical sensor based on localized surface plasmon resonance of silver particles 
Pages 382-388
Noritsugu Hashimoto, Tadanori Hashimoto, Taichi Teranishi, Hiroyuki Nasu and Kanichi Kamiya
SAW nanopump for handling droplets in view of biological applications
Pages 389-397
A. Renaudin, P. Tabourier, V. Zhang, J.C. Camart and C. Druon
Small volume PCR in PDMS biochips with integrated fluid control and vapour barrier
Pages 398-409
A. Ranjit Prakash, S. Adamia, V. Sieben, P. Pilarski, L.M. Pilarski and C.J. Backhouse
Computer screen photo-assisted detection of complementary DNA strands using a luminescent zwitterionic polythiophene derivative
Pages 410-418
D. Filippini, P. Åsberg, P. Nilsson, O. Inganäs and I. Lundström
Pd/porous-GaAs Schottky contact for hydrogen sensing application
Pages 419-427
Alireza Salehi, Alireza Nikfarjam and Dara Jamshidi Kalantari
A new sensor method for studying the effect of surfactants on the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pages 428-434
Fengjiao He, Xiaoqing Zhang and Zhenhua Liu
Potentiometric study of quinohemoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase immobilized on the carbon rod electrode  Pages 435-444
Arunas Ramanavicius, Asta Kausaite and Almira Ramanaviciene
Mesoporous nanoparticle TiO2 thin films for conductometric gas sensing on microhotplate platforms
Pages 445-453
K.D. Benkstein and S. Semancik
3D polymeric microfluidic device fabrication via contact liquid photolithographic polymerization (CLiPP)
Pages 454-460
K. Tommy Haraldsson, J. Brian Hutchison, Robert P. Sebra, Brian T. Good, Kristi S. Anseth and Christopher N. Bowman
An electrokinetic cell model for analysis and optimization of electroosmotic microfluidic pumps
Pages 461-467
Menake E. Piyasena, Gabriel P. Lopez and Dimiter N. Petsev
Novel NO2 gas sensor based on cuprous oxide thin films
Pages 468-476
Sergiu T. Shishiyanu, Teodor S. Shishiyanu and Oleg I. Lupan
Modeling and experimental testing of the effect of solvent absorption on the electric properties of styrene butadiene rubber/carbon black chemical sensors
Pages 477-486
Antonio Carrillo, Ignacio R. Martín-Domínguez and Alfredo Márquez-Lucero
Application of the wavelet transform coupled with artificial neural networks for quantification purposes in a voltammetric electronic tongue
Pages 487-499
L. Moreno-Barón, R. Cartas, A. Merkoçi, S. Alegret, M. del Valle, L. Leija, P.R. Hernandez and R. Muñoz
A new electro-osmotic pump based on silica monoliths
Pages 500-509
Ping Wang, Zilin Chen and Hsueh-Chia Chang
Facile method to detect oligonucleotides with functionalized polydiacetylene vesicles
Pages 510-515
Chungang Wang, Zhanfang Ma and Zhongmin Su
A novel multisensing optical approach based on a single phthalocyanine thin films to monitoring volatile organic compounds
Pages 516-525
J. Spadavecchia, G. Ciccarella, L. Valli and R. Rella
Hydrothermal synthesis and gas sensing characters of ZnO nanorods
Pages 526-531
Xu Jiaqiang, Chen Yuping, Chen Daoyong and Shen Jianian
All-optical hydrogen sensor based on a high alloy content palladium thin film
Pages 532-538
Z. Zhao, M.A. Carpenter, H. Xia and D. Welch
Sub 10 nm conjugated polymer transistors for chemical sensing
Pages 539-544
Liang Wang, Daniel Fine, Saiful I. Khondaker, Taeho Jung and Ananth Dodabalapur
Low-cost microelectrode array with integrated heater for extracellular recording of cardiomyocyte cultures using commercial flexible printed circuit technology
Pages 545-554
Laurent Giovangrandi, Kristin H. Gilchrist, R. Hollis Whittington and Gregory T.A. Kovacs
ISFET performance enhancement by using the improved circuit techniques
Pages 555-562
Wen-Yaw Chung, Chung-Huang Yang, Dorota G. Pijanowska, Piotr B. Grabiec and Wladyslaw Torbicz
 MicroTas Section
Using wettability and interfacial tension to handle droplets of magnetic beads in a micro-chemical-analysis system
Pages 563-569
Mitsuhiro Shikida, Kentaro Takayanagi, Kohta Inouchi, Hiroyuki Honda and Kazuo Sato






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